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low blood pressure and bad dizzy spells?

had low blood pressure for a while now and im getting really bad dizzy spells and passing out or needing to lie down after ive stood up used to have this as a kid and i used to fit when i passed out and now its back full force always had dizzy spells and thrown up but its got worse again any body any idea? or have exsperianced anything simular? thanks x

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i get really bad dizzy spells..then there followed by black dots in my sight.or wen u stand you have to stay still hold and wait for it to pass...there horrible......i have to go see my gp bout them...at the mo a little bit sik of the sight of docs...lol...maybe you should see your gp to...just to be safexxxxx


what meds are you on to stop your periods?


thanks for replying missee they are horrible arnt they! i have been to my docs i had an ECG today all fine so there again tomorrow to see whats next!

thank you for replying impatient im not currently taking anything just come off cazzette and awaiting a lap!




I've recently starting to notice dizzy spells, my blood pressure is quite low, when I stand up quickly I get dizzy and sometimes blurring around the eyes, I've not passed out though and I've not had it before, and am currently off all drugs, after having had a lap and ttc. Be interested to know what your diagnosis is!


I and my children all have low blood pressure and we were often dizzy. My daughter fainted on a number of occasions, cutting herself quite badly on door knobs, etc. She was referred to a specialist. After various test, the diagnoses was put down to low salt levels! For a long time I had been giving the family a low salt diet, not realising that low salt can be harmful. I increased salt in our food and since then (5 years) there has been no fainting and little dizziness.


I have dizzy spells too and the feeling of being light-headed. I've not actually passed out but have felt the need to stop before I fall over if I have been out and about walking.

I suffer from high blood pressure as opposed to low so I'm wondering if it is low salt levels as Jaine's daughter was diagnosed with? Food for thought indeed and another question to put to my consutant next month!

Thanks for the tip ladies and hope you get sorted soon Natureschild

Caroline, x


Hi, ive just been diagnosed with endo. after a lasporoscopy on wed. but the hospital have advised me to check out my really low blood pressure. does any one know if this is a symptom of endo.? Dreading going to gp took ages to get reffered for the pain ive been suffering with endo. thanks x


hey guys i had my ECG and all was fine doc told me i just have to deal with the blood pressure being low and the dizzy spells but seeing your comments on hear ladies it seems quite common i was told that the dizzy and passing out spells could be something called PoTS need to look into it but you ladie have a look to and see if its simular to what you have coz it is with mine the docs should be fun they hate it when you go in and tell them whats wrong with you!

thanks for your comment guys i hope you all get it sorted to!

tummy love xxx


I've been told celtic salt balances your blood pressure xxxx


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