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Had a lap in June. Married last month and its ruined the last 4 weeks for me!

I had a lap on the 17th of June and married on the 18th of August. One i couldn't stop the bleeding, two i can't shift the water infection. Also we had to upgrade our flights in and out of our honeymoon because i knew of wouldn't have to sit by anyone. I don't feel i need the toilet but all of a sudden i have to run to the toilet.

I hate going through all of this and im worried if im always bleeding how can i have children.

Can anyone help? Im sick of always being in pain. . . . Im only 23 but just taken part time work because im so tired and in pain. I come in from work at 12 and sleep til 6 every night. My dad has offered to pay for private help but im sure no one will help me and again it will be a waste of money!

Help is really appreciated x

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Hiya, I'm so sorry the past 4 weeks havent been kind to you, especially for your wedding an honeymoon, but I do hope you had a fantastic wedding and congratulations to you.


Sorry pressed reply by accident! I too had a lap in June for extensive endo and since then Ive had 4 water infections, constant pain mainly on tbe right and bloating, it does get you down and its really hard to cope with, especially the fatigue. I use relaxation techniques just learned them off the internet. I dont know how I can advise you but wanted you to know i'm in a similar position. Going to see my consultant on Thurs to see what he has to say. Take care X


Where abouts do you live? I go to a fantastic consultant (private) in Birmingham who specialises in diagnosis of abnormal bleeding and also bladder issues. I had my lap for extensive endo and diagnosis of interstitial cystitis (incurable constant cystitis) in july and she was wonderful. It also may be worth looking at your diet as I control all of my symptoms through diet (endo and bladder) rather than rely on tablets. I hope you start to feel better! Xxx


I too have recently had a lap and removal of endometriosis on 20th August, thinking I'd be back at work after a week I am still off sick, only the last few days the pains and bleeding have started to ease. I too had water infections after the op and experience pain

and bloating, particularly on my right side of my lower abdomen. The doctor advised not to take medication but as Catness said, diet seems to be helping me a little along with small amounts of exercise and a hot water bottle to hand. I personally don't think there is a lot the medical professionals can do about this and I think having endo and the effects after treatment are just something were unfortunately going to have to live with :( hopefully in time the effects will ease though and as for having children, that is now my biggest worry but if you're looking to start trying soon, my doc said now's the best time to conceive as after treatment, your bodies clear from anything getting in the way. My consultant is also in Birmingham and I have to say is fantastic! I hope you start to feel better soon so you can enjoy being a newly wed and congratulations on the wedding!


Sounds like your currently having a really rough ride. Definately worth asking for a refferal to urology, sounds like interstitial cystitis to me. Good Luck X


Hi OliviaRose - I'm so sorry you feel like this. It's crappy isn't it? I had 2 yrs of unpredictable bleeding and pain when I came off the pill because we wanted to try for a baby. It really got me down. It was almost impossible to have sex as I was either bleeding or the deed would bring it on and it would look like a chainsaw massacre! ( sorry if tmi and anyone feeling queasy). I felt really down and disappointed in my body. After 2 yrs ttc I had a hysterosalpingogram that was normal so we tried clomid while waiting for an IVF ref and conceived in 2 months. I did bleed throughout the whole pregn


Oops sorry pressed send too soon... Bled throughout pregnancy but healthy full term baby at the end.

I really hope the dr can sort the bleeding and you get a baby in the end if that's what you'd like. Good luck xx


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