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Endometrial ablation 7 months later

Ok so about 7 months ago i had a laparoscopy, removed the endo ( was allot ) i also had an endometrial ablation done as im not able to have any more children due to other medical issues, this was the best option. It has been great, no more bleeding (wahoooo i can get on with my days as normal now) and basically pain free. Only thing, now i seem to be urinating allot more than usual, and when i need to go i have to go then, also starting to become painful again, i cant put it off for long or... well you can guess. Has anyone else had this? Also the past 2 months i feel like im starting to get endo pains back :( any input from you ladies would be great. Thanks

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Hi SassE, Were you put on any hormone treatment after your lap? Endo can grow back quite fast after a lap if it's not controlled with drugs. Hope you're having a good day today x


Hi yes i was, unfortunatly im a long term depressive (border bipolar) and they where effecting me in a not so good way so had to stop taking them :( would be just my luck if it is growing back. thanks for your responce, hope your well x


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