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Anyone had endometrial ablation?


Hello ladies.

Have any of you had endometrial ablation ? Would you recommend it as an alternative to hysterectomy?

I have adenomyosis, fibroid, PCOS, extensive adhesions (sticking uterus, ovaries and sigmoid colon), and an endometrioma.

I am waiting to hear when I will be going into hospital to have a lap to see how much bowel involvement there is and to also grade my Endo.

I have asked for a hysterectomy but wonder if I should try endometrial ablation first....

I would appreciate your views.



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Hiya - I had endometrial ablation done last year. For me it was not the miracle cure I had been led to believe. I had extremley heavy periods but the worse thing about it was the pain. I could have coped with flow if it wasnt for the pain. The procedure certainly sorted out the heavy flow of my periods but did nothing for the pain which was the main reason I had it done. I would say the pain was much worse after having it done and sometimes last for 2 weeks. If pain is the reason for having it done then dont waste your time. This is by no means an alternative to a hysterectomy. Hope this helps some.

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Thank you for your reply,

Have you found another treatment to help you ?

Barbara xx

I was then given Zoladex injections for 6 months - you might read bad things about them on here but for me there were a wonder drug. Pain free for 6 months. My last one was In April and I think it is now out of my system as all the pain has come back and my next hospital appointment is not until next month :-(. A lot of the time the injections are given prior to a hysterectomy as they shrink the fibriods but they do put you in the menopause and you can get all the usual symptoms from that. I got hot flushes but only occasionally. I wish I was still on them as my pain is agony. x

I had an ablation done in sept for me it has worked, they also removed endo from my womb and ovaries and bladder, I haven't had a period since and no pain.

Hi Barb, I had an ablation done 3 years ago. As previously mentioned it does sort out the heavy bleeding (for a time) but not much else. It doesn't stop the pain of Endo. Some women don't get periods anymore afterwards or have extremely light bleeding. My periods became very light for a time but didn't stop completely. Now I have stopped my treatment of Zoladex followed by Depo Provera (I didn't have periods when on these) my periods have returned and I am starting to lose clots again. If I were you, I would have the ablation for the heavy period problem and see how you benefit personally. However, I must mention that my Consultant told me that he won't do an ablation on anyone with one or more large fibroids. A lady in the bed next to me when I had my ablation op went down to theatre and was brought back because of her fibroids and was told the ablation couldn't be done and that a hysterectomy was her best option. I bumped into her in Boots a few months later and she said she had had a hysterectomy and it was the best decision ever for her. I am not sure whether it is a common practice to 'shrink' fibroids to enable an ablation op to be done elsewhere in the UK. Best of luck! x

Speaking only from personal experience ablation made things worse for me. I had it in April 2012 and for the next 12 months I only had 35 clear days without bleeding or spotting. As I was coming round I was told they had had to remove a very large fibroid in order to do the ablation,

I'm now nearly 11 weeks post hysterectomy, and I feel pretty damn good, I know it doesn't cure for everyone, but I do feel so much better.

Contact me anytime xx

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Hello Sheri.

I'm glad to hear you are feeling good!

Did your results come back from the hysterectomy (Adenomyosis).

Best wishes,

Barbara xxxxx


Hi i had an ablation 4 years ago, it stopped my heavy periods for around 10 months, but still had my endometriosis pain, adenomyosis pain, and the usual monthly pains, just no bleeding. My periods started just as bad again. I went on to have a full hysterectomy 2 years ago when i was 40... Everyone is different though. Wish you good luck.. xx

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Hello Sarah.

How do you feel after your hysterectomy? Were your ovaries removed too ?

Barbara x


Yes. I had total abdominal hysterectomy with womb, cervix, tubes and ovaries removed. I felt so much better the day after, my pain had gone....2 years down the line i don't regret the op, i do suffer with some pain from scar tissue and adhesions. I was put on a very low dose of hrt to help me, i do worry about the endometriosis coming back with taking the hrt , but so far so good.. Hugs.... xxxxxx

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Bless you.... Adhesions are also painful aren't they? I have loads sticking things together!

Have you got children? X


No hun, unfortunately not, not for the want of trying and very emotional fertility treatments... xx


If you choose not to go for hysterectomy then I would opt for deep root excision which is the gold standard in endo treatment. Ablation, which ive had myself, doesnt get to the root of the problem and wont help for long. I doubt in your situation a good endo specialist would do ablation.

The other option if you have finished having children is total pelvic clearance i think it may be called? Its where they do do a type of ablation over your whole pelvic cavity and organs and for some can be a step before hysterectomy.

Sorry I really dont know much about it! Just remember reading it somewhere and thought it may be useful.

Are you under an endo specialist?xxx

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