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update, cancelled op


I posted on here about a week ago asking for advice about a laparoscopy. I decided not to go ahead and am now doubting my decision was the right one. I looked at all the risks of surgery and after years of being told I didn't have endo, I fought my way into having a lap, and backed out last minute as the doctor's doubt filled my head, as did all the surgery scary risks. Now everyone around me is treating me like I'm insane for turning down the op after fighting for so many years to get answers. Any advice?

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Hey hope your ok.

Do you still have problems symptoms etc? Are you in pain or suffering?

Telli686 in reply to District24

hey, thank you,

I still have pain and all the symptoms, I just got so anxious I couldn't go through with the surgery. Now i regret cancelling and fear I won't be taken seriously now if i try again.

cmbxm in reply to Telli686

If you explain to your doctor how scared you were of the risks maybe they’d be sympathetic, you won’t get anywhere through not being open, they’ll be able to offer you relevant support and advice, maybe it’s worth asking for an MRI instead? That can sometimes show endo if it’s extensive enough, could going down that route be an alternative option for you? X

Telli686 in reply to cmbxm

I'm hoping they will understand, the state i was in, there was no way you'd have even got me to the hospital, id worked myself up so much. Ive already had an MRI and it was negative, I either need to find a less invasive route that will show something up, or persuade them to give me another chance with the lap. x

cmbxm in reply to Telli686

unfortunately a lap is the only other way to diagnosis it to my knowledge, it’s two incisions, three at most, so they class it as very uninvasive compared to a laparotomy which is what they did before keyhole surgery was a thing, and if they did find any they’d remove it there and then to avoid another surgery, I think they need to offer you a lot more support and advise you and answer your questions, not push you into it or deny it, don’t know if counselling you is an option for you? Maybe speaking to someone about your worries and anxieties, for sure be more open with your gynaecologist and point on you feel like you’ve been talked out of it by doctors and this is why you have doubts, take someone with you if that helps you get your point across or write down everything before you go so you don’t forget to tell them, its okay to feel like this, you’re allowed to be worried but your doctor should be more than willing to help and settle your concerns if you just ask x

Did you go to the appointment and freak out there & then? If so I'm surprised they didn't give you anything to calm you down.

I went for an ultrasound other day and I was sweating with nerves! So know how you feel! To my surprise they couldn't find anything and now waiting on CT scan. I was almost annoyed by the outcome as every doc I've seen have said their is definitely something wrong and if they didn't know any better I was 7 months pregnant! My swollen abdomon has been really big for 2 weeks now! No matter what I do or eat or how many times I hit the gym it will not go down! I'm a size 8 normally and work hard to keep a slim body.

My 'bump' even 'dropped' the other day then had all this pain on the left side of my back which can only describe as if something was squashing my left kidney area but doctors still haven't suggested what it could be!

I'm worried about what tests I'll have to go through to get to the bottom of it!

If you get the chance to take the procedure id definitely take someone along with you for resurence etc!

I was freaking out at my scan then my boyfriend arrived not long after and I felt at ease straight away with just having someone there.

Bite the bullet and go for it. It's scary but your not alone! X

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