1 week post op

Hi everyone

I had my first lap last Tuesday, they confirmed I had endometriosis and they removed it which is good in one respect. The thing is the consultant has signed me off his patient list and when they came to see me they spoke to me 5 mins after I woke up. I don’t understand why he doesn’t want to see me again because there isn’t a cure for endo so I know it will come back.

I have a couple of concerns if anyone is able to help me, I’m seeing my doctor tomorrow should I ask him any questions I have?

Also my belly button is still sore and weeping, I went to the minor unit who said it was normal and my bodies way of healing did anyone else have this?

Sorry for the long post


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Ask go request your operation/ discharge notes from your Gyne at hospital.

I had my excision of endo last Wed and my belly button is sloop itchy ( which means skins tightening)

However if it's sore and smelly you could always ask nurse check it well your there.

Hugs xxxc

I got given some form of discharge paperwork but it hardly says anything on it. Yeah I will check with the doctor today when I see him, thanks Hun xxxx

I cant give advice about doctor because I have my lap today but my brother had a lap to get his appendix removed and if the wound start to smell it may be infected 😮

I hope your lap goes ok xx

Thank you xx

I think it's fairly standard practice not to get a follow up after endo surgery, particularly if you've seen a BSGE specialist. They'e almost victims of their own success and just don't have the time for follow ups.

Saying that, it's so frustrating not knowing what they've done. I had my first surgery in November 2016 and wasn't given a follow up appointment. Unfortunately for me my pain returned very quickly and I had to ring and ask for an appointment with my consultant - which I got 7 months later.

I had my second surgery last Monday and have already been sent a follow up appointment for the end of this month.

I think if they're happy with what they have done, they won't routinely do a follow up and It's a case of "wait and see" how you get on. I've been told that sometimes it can take 6 months to a year to see any improvement.

As for the weepy cut, your GP should provide antibiotics if you've got an infection.

Best of luck for your recovery and hope you have a pain free future. X

My doctor said what they did by cutting it out was the best way apparently but said it will come back but not as quick. He said I only had a small amount of endometriosis which in a way is good but I will wait to see if I get any pain.

Hope your lap went well last week and all the best for your recovery x

I had my lap done just under 4 weeks ago and after the op the surgeon spoke to me for about 2 minutes saying I had mild endo and I didn’t need any follow up so I was discharged. I was still not with it after the anaesthetic and morphine so I didn’t ask any questions! I rang up my consultants secretary a few days later and she advised to email over my questions. The consultant got back to me a week later so might be worth trying that if you have any concerns/queries xx

Yeah they did the same with me which is pointless as you just nod your head! Ok thank you I might give her a call today to see what they say, hope you are recovering well. Xx

How long did you stay in hospital when you had your laparoscopy last week?

I was out on the same day, they let me out 3 hours after having it done.

Did you have any adhesions or anything? Are you on any medication to keep your endo at bay?

Yeah I had 2 according to my discharge papers and they were cut out. No they suggested the coil or the pill to keep it at bay

Are you on the pill? Do you have the coil?

I won’t be having the coil fitted and I’m still looking into the pill

How come you aren’t having the coil fitted? Which pills are you looking into?

Because I don’t want it. I’m looking into the mini pill at the moment

Yeah I’ve heard a few horror stories about it so I’m a bit reluctant to have it too.

Which mini pill are you thinking about?

Have you been recommended any by your consultant?

I used to be on cereset I think it was called that was good. If your thinking about the pill I would speak to your consultant about which one is best or your doctor.

How come you came off it if it was good?

For personal reasons

I have been given cerelle but I am a bit reluctant to take it because of horror stories. I think it’s the same as cerazette. Did you have any endo growth/pain on it?

When I was on the pill I didn’t have any periods which was the best thing for me it was only when I came off it that the pain started again. They say the coil or pill will help.

Is that any pills or the combined pill?

My belly button took nearly two months to not look horrific but the rest were okay after a month.

My surgeon told me it may come back it may not but it'll be a few years before I would know yet. Mine was my first laparoscopy also and I've had a long healing process, still in a lot of pain and it's been 2 months.

I have to go back for a check up after 6 months so maybe ring them and see if you do get a check up?

Ok thank you. I called the consultants secretary today and explained what was said to me and I had further questions so she is getting me the answers. I don’t think I get a check up as they said my records had already been archived. Was your endometriosis cut out or lasered?

I had most cut out, they found it on my uterus, I had cysts on both ovaries and pouch of Douglas etc, they did laser specific endo on my left side as it was worse. The only place that was okay was my Fallopian tubes which were fine. She said it was everywhere but it wasn't to deep that they couldn't get rid of all of it. My womb feels the worst, but compared to the pain I had before where it felt like a prolapse it is better so it was worth it even if it doesn't feel to good right now.

I don’t even know where mine was, all they told me was that I had it and they removed it but I had literally been awake 5mins was high on morphine, so I have asked about my ovaries and tubes as I want to know if these have been checked. I will be interested to know what my pain will be like on my next period I’m dreading it but only time will tell I guess.

I had it all written on my discharge sheets and my gp was sent a letter which was re sent to me to tell them and myself what I had done. You should be able to get the records. My whole stomach and female organs were checked and from what I was told that I what they all do generally so hopefully you had everything checked.

I take a pill so I don't have periods so I don't have to deal with that as I'm usually bed bound if I do have a period. I don't think I would cope with having one! But most people say the first one is bad.

Oh god I’m not looking forward to the first one although I think I may have had it as had bleeding 2 days after lap at first I thought it was from the lap but I think it may have been my period which wasn’t too bad.

Here’s hoping they have checked everything. I go back to work next week although I work from home I’m hoping it will be ok.

What pill are you on to stop your periods?

Cerezette. It's a mini pill. I've been on it for around 8 years now.

Do you get on with it?

That pill is good, I didn’t have any problems with it when I was on it.

I had a lap 3 months ago, i came out my husband was told it was clear but i had clots and that i need to see gp and that was it... no follow up nothing.

So i take it thats normal...

It took 7 weeks for my stitches to dissolve or work way out so wouldnt worry about that just make sure they stay clean and if u get them wet dry and keep belly button clean and dry.

If green stuff or smells it infection.

Thank you. I am seeing my consultant next week following a call to his secretary I’m a little bit concerned now as she said it would be better that I see him rather than her telling me over the phone.

I wouldnt worry as they would have made arrangements for u to see him as soon as u had lap if there was any problems.

If he only wants to see u as u have chased him up about questions maybe he just a good consultant and would rather see you then answer questions by email , they dont have much time for him to email it would take more effort then just to see u in his clinic...

Honestly dont worry

Thank you that has put my mind at rest. At least I will get answers to my questions.

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