In 2007 i had my 3rd child by c-section in 2009 i noticed a lump on my scar of which i went on to scanned and be told was scar tissue. In 2011 i paid for a scan privately as the pain from this was becoming unbearable and the lump was big. In march this year i had this lump removed it was endometriosis the size of an orange attached to my abdomen. I also had a lap and a mirena fitted. I thought this was the end i now have another mass on the other side of which im having scanned on thursday. Im in agony and bleeding heavy with the coil!! All this yet have never been diagnosed with endometriosis???

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  • Hi Flo

    Surely if the lump you've already had removed was shown to be endometriosis, that's a diagnosis, isn't it? Are they trying to tell you differently?

  • Hi Chrissie

    I was told it was so rare id be unlucky to get anymore and was signed off. Ive been doing some research and dont understand now how if ive had it once i cant get it again. I think they were wrong x

  • It was def Endometriosis. I think they were wrong to say i couldnt get anymore x

  • I am due to have a marina fitted soon,thankfully in australia you have a general anesthetic bt after reading all the posts im worried about the side effects.

  • Hi Claire

    I've been so pleased with my Mirena that now that it's run out I have asked for another one

    Everybody reacts differently to it, but usually only the people who have had bad experiences talk about it.

    You need to give it a few months to settle but as Flo says, give it a chance :)

    Good luck, C x

  • Hi i had the mirena fitted under a general too. I had no major problems with pain after just a bit of cramping. 4 months in and i have no side effects but my periods are longer and now heavy again. Im staying positive about the coil and will give it a year. I still have the issue of the new mass so in limbo. Stay positive and fingers crossed for you x

  • Thanks that has helped xx

  • Hi there I had a marina in for a good few months and got loads of relief from it.I had no side effcts at all.How ever I have recently had to have it removed when in surgery for ov cysts and in fected fallopian tube Really dont know if this had anything to with marina but they took it out just incase but it was good while it lasted!ive now got to try the pill to control my bleeding like you im dreading it because of all the horror stories you hear about side effects but ive got to give it a go!!as above fingers crossed for you x

  • I know my scan is only a few days away and ive been here before but i am in so much pain can barely walk and my abdomen is so swollen and i now feel so exhaused all i want to do is sleep. Im so worried. I dont know anyone with endometriosis and cant talk to my hubbie he doesnt understand because like me he thought it was a one off. Im trying not to moan but struggling with it all xx

  • So i had my scan today upper and lower abdomen and an internal scan. After alot of confusion the new lump was found on the left of my c-section scar. In four months this has already grown 2cm deep. I now know that this is not linked to my womb or ovaries. Endometrium tissue was left in my abdomen after my section and attaches itself to the scar and feeds off my hormones every month but also presents pain and heavy bleeding the same as endometriosis. Its extremely rare to get this once let alone a second time. The lady who did my scan had never heard of it and now wants to do a case study on me!! I just want a quick referal and op to get it removed x

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