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Hi, my name is Louise, I'm 32 And New to this sight.

I discovered a painful lump under my c-section scar about 2 years ago, ignored it for a bit, but it got worse, like a very sore pain if that makes sense, very bloated, couldn't stand any clothes over my tummy. Went to the GP who sent me for a ultrasound, they picked up the lump she thought it might be endo, I was then refered to the gynaecologist. She also thought it was possibly endo. I was on zoladex injections for 8 months( which turned me in to a monster) however the pain improved, that was October, here we are January and the lump and pain is back, my whole tummy feels so tender and painful. I'm so confused as to if I even have endo, I have never had heavy or painful periods. And always been on the pill from 17, I only ever had a break when I had my 3 children. I am due to go back to the hospital to meet with the gynaecologist. Please help any advise would be very much aprishiated.

Louise x

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Thank you. what steps do you think I should take next.

I mean do I voice my opinions and ask for more tests to see what is truly wrong? I am on the contraceptive pill and have been for a long time?


I had exactly the same lump under c section scar and was diagnosed with abdominal wall endometreosis had 2laps since for removal of endo sounds to me like u deffinately have it as i had all the same symptoms x


Hey! The only way anyone can tell if you have endo for sure is through a laparoscopy so I would ask for one of those otherwise it's all hearsay! They should not have put you on any medication until they knew exactly what they were dealing with. It makes me very angry when medication is used as an easy solution yet you are left with the terrible side effects that affect every aspect of your life.

Apologies for the rant but there are too many women on this site who have not been treated properly. Demand the operation & if they refuse, find another GP.

Good luck! C x


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