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Bowel symptoms


So, straight to it..

I need to put my feet up on a stool to have a poo!

My question is..How many others have to do this? and if diagnosed did it relate to where your endometriosis was found?

A brief note... I’ve had many symptoms over many years (about 18 years), I’m undiagnosed and this more recent bowel symptom added to allllll my previous pelvic/period/cycle/hormone related complaints, seem to suggest endometriosis, which I’m now being investigated for. I also have an externally visible lump around the area of my left ovary and c-section scar.

Can anyone relate to similar symptoms?

Many thanks

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Yes, I had the same problem, but even that didn't help most of the time. I was constipated for about 3 years needing to take laxatives frequently yet the medical profession told me it couldn't possibly be gynae related. I finally diagnosed myself with endo, paid to see a private consultant and was diagnosed. I had a 2cm diameter cycst between my vagina and rectum that was blocking movement (and also feeling like a constantly needed a poo) and endo on my sygmoid colon that was blocking movement. Most of my descending colon was stuck to the abdominal wall.

You'd be best going to one of the specialists on the BSGE list as they are the only one trained to deal with it once it is affecting your bowel. Insist that your GP refers you, they can be awkward about it but they can't refuse.

Not being diagnosed for years despite symptoms is very, very common.

Hi vmagpie!

It’s wonderful having to speak to strangers about bowel movements isn’t it!

I have only recently discovered the feet on a stool thing, it has really been helping me.

What I would say is that I have been diagnosed with endo and it’s been removed via laparoscopy but I’m still having a lot of the same symptoms so I’m having pelvic physiotherapy. That is a contributor to my pelvic pain.

Years of tension in my abdomen and pelvic area have left my muscles extremely tight so now I have to do exercises to help with the movement. I had no idea this could cause so many issues!

So, I guess what I’m trying to say is, yes you need a laparoscopy to confirm diagnosis of endo or not but do make sure you investigate other pain generators too otherwise you may still suffer after it has been removed. I didn’t know about any of this until I joined the Nancy’s Nook group on Facebook which is fantastic for educating yourself on endometriosis.

I hope your investigations go well and that they can find the cause of your pain x

vmagpie in reply to Endo_This

Hi thanks for your reply,

I’m sorry you’re having so much trouble too. The stool is my friend and yours haha!

I think you’re right, we do all need to look after our pelvises (and body) in general. Sometimes it’s hard to know what’s possible endo and what’s not as it seems to affect so many areas. It’s good to be aware of other issues (looooong list)

I’ll take a look at Nancy Nook, cheers for the heads up 👍🏻

I’m waiting for MRI results to come back before they set a date for lap so thankfully I’m in the process.

All the best to you. Hope you get and stay well xx

Endo_This in reply to vmagpie

By the way in answer to your actual question (...!) I have always suffered with ‘typical IBS’ symptoms including diarrhoea/constipation and they found adhesions from my sigmoid colon to my side pelvic wall which they cut.

Having to use a stool is a recent discovery for me which has helped!


I’ve never been diagnosed but have had symptoms for years. One of those is constipation but that could be linked to a few other things. Anyway my dr recommended the step etc he said it puts your body in the correct position to go, if nothing else a packet of toilet rolls will work as a step.

To help matters you could supplement with magnesium, this helped me for quite some time.

vmagpie in reply to Starfish123

Thanks so much for your reply,

I’ve heard a lot of recommendations for magnesium supplements, I’ll look in to that a bit more and give it a go.

The having to use a stool to be able to pass one 🤨 is a recent (last 6-7 months) symptom.

Most of the time it’s soft too (sorry if tmi) so I am worried I’m obstructed in some way.

I hope you’re in good health. All the best x

I have actually had worse problems since my op in May 2017. I had a 20cm cyst so that was removed with my left ovary, fallopian tube and omentum. The surgeon said it was like cement in there and burned away all the endo scarring from my bladder and bowel.

It is like my bowel just doesn't move of it's own accord now. I have tried logical, sennacot and dulcolax tablets and suppossitories. I often have to use a disposable rubber glove to help.. not nice I know.

Drink plenty of water, that is the only thing that remotely helps. I have had a colonoscopy and it all came back fine.. I just have a lazy bowel.. I hope you get resolution to your problem soon. X

vmagpie in reply to Maceymae

Damn your lazy bowel!

Thanks for your reply. I’m so sorry you’ve been through so much. How are you at the moment?

I always try to drink plenty of water, but could always do better.

Sorry if question is too personal but when you have to don the rubber glove, is it because your stool is hard?

I work in healthcare and you might be able to avoid manually evacuating by massaging very close by and labour breathing whilst you breathe/push out the stool.

Mine is soft, so I’m worried I’ve got an obstruction.

Take care of yourself.

Wishing you good health x

Maceymae in reply to vmagpie

Yeah hard enough so I get need more water. Unfortunately I have a chiari malformation so any kind of pushing is out of the question.

vmagpie in reply to Maceymae

Is that a condition to do with your skull? I think my friend had that. I’m sorry you’ve got so much to contend with.

Best wishes

Yes, and fainting in public toilets was an embarrassing symptom for a while too.

A 3.5cm recto vaginal nodule severe/grade 4 was found and eventually excised after unsuccessful experiments with hormone treatments (this type is often hormone resistant)

Do insist on seeing a bsge specialist and not a normal gynae for this as the surgery is highly specialised.

vmagpie in reply to Starry

Thank you, I’ll check that link out.

Bloody hell, fainting in public toilets can’t be great.

There is so much to know about it all, recto vaginal nodule.. I’m going to google it!

I really hope you’re much better now.

Can you see a bsge specialist on the NHS?

Best wishes

Take care x

Starry in reply to vmagpie

Yes not the most convenient of symptoms lol.

You can and most bsge centres are, nhs though there is naturally a wait. I was lucky had health insurance.

My endo is much better post op but sadly the viral meningitis physical and neuro aftereffects I've been left with have been life changing and are challenging atm.

Good luck in your journey x feel free to pm me, I don't pop in very often these days but do have an alert up for pms.

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