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Can anyone help with weight gain and water retention when taking the pill back to back?

Hi ladies, hope we're all managing ok today.

This is the 1st question I've asked on here so hope I'm logging it in the right place!

I was diagnosed with stage 4 endo in August 2010 and have been taking the pill back to back since then.

I had to stop taking Microgynon due to excessive water retention and weight gain.

I tried Trinovum which had the same effect and have been taking Yasmin for just over a year now.

It's been ok apart from the mood swings...and breast reduction! I was able to lose some of the weight I gained and only have what we know as a 'normal' amount of water retention, I don't have to take prescribed water tablets anymore.

Suddenly though, I'm finding it difficult to manage my weight again even though Im trying to follow the endo diet as strictly as I can - I am currently experimenting with cutting out wheat - and exercsiing when I feel able to.

Does anyone have any tips on which pill I could switch to that does not cause weight gain or water retention?

I'm wary of changing as hate the mood swings and the 'trial and error' trying to see if I blow up like a ballon again.

Any comments would be appreciated.

Have a good day, Michelle xx

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I'm not sure I can be much help but just to say I took yasmin back to back and I put on weight (and then more weight when I was on zoladex but thats just a moan from me!) I found the endo diet as recommended much too restrictive. I find that cutting down on carbs as much as possible and eating mainly protein and salad/veg helps to control my weight and also think it reduced my pain greatly too (obviously I cant be 100% sure but im pretty sure thats what it was) Although that too can be hard to stick to. I hope someone can help a little more with your question.

Regards, Jules.


Hi Michelle,

Try Femodette - it's a light anticonception pill you can take back to back. Barely gives you any mood swings or any weight gain. Some water retention for about 5 to 7 days per month (probably around the time I should have my period); but it is not too bad. I like it, because it keeps me stable in the mood department and not too many side effects.


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