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Cerelle and depression

After loads of tests that all turned up blank I've been given a working diagnosis of endo by my gp. She's put me on cerelle and it's been almost a month.

I've been bleeding lightly - but painfully - for about two weeks. Worse than this though is the effect on my mood. I'm prone to depression bur my last significant lapse was two years ago. This month has been easily as bad and on top of the old feelings I feel a new sense of paranoia. Whilst I have been going through a period of stress with exams, I'm worried that the pill is triggering my mood. I don't want it to escalate and I can't bear another 3-6 months of this while the pill 'settles'. I work with kids and it's vital I'm in good mental health, but I also need to do something about the pain and heavy bleeding of endo.

Has anyone got any experience of Cerelle, particularly if they too have experienced mood swings or depression? Does anyone have any advice? Should I insist on seeing a specialist, go back to my gp or even just stick it out with the pill?

Thanks in advance xx

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O don't have any experience with Cerelle, but I was on a different pill for a month and a half which made me so depressed I stopped in the middle of the month. There are loads of pills out there, all of which can react differently with your body. Just go back to the GP and ask for another pill. No need to suffer with poor mental health due to the pill, Cerelle is not your only choice.


Hey, I was diagnosed with endo and put on cerelle... I kept bleeding every 5-6 days and it was crippling me.. Plus my mental health like yours was bad. My consultant told me to double the dosage and I was fine after that...

I'm just worried when they take me off it to give me meds to help me get pregnant.

Speak to your doc and see.. I've not had a bleed since I was put on 2 tablets a day.

Hope you feel better soon. Xxxx


Go back to your doctor and change your pill. I didn't like Cerelle. Gave me constant headaches and pregnancy symptoms. I was then put on levonorgesterol which gave me a mood like a teenager complete with acne. I have finally settled on micronor so shop about with your pill. If you feel that you are not right on it then change it. I didn't realise cerelle was giving me headaches until I came off it, I thought I just needed my eyes testing. Every pill has different effects on each person. Find the one that suits you.


Im on cerelle at the moment and im also taking sertaline for depression. i was on sertraline before cerelle but I get bad mood swings still throughout the month.


What tests have you had done?

My understanding is that endometriosis can only be properly diagnosed by a laparoscopy. If Endo is then found, the next step is surgical removal of the 'endo' during another laparoscopy. For this to all be done properly, and with the greatest chance of success, you need to be treated at one of the BSGE specialist endo clinics. I don't know the drug you refer to, but if these steps have not been followed I don't see how the GP knows what is being treated.

Apologies for my bluntness, especially if you have been through all of these procedures and your treatment with cerelle (or others) has been decided as the best option by the endo experts ... Just that it seems unusual, if it is certain that there is endo in your abdominal cavity.

I would look for the posts on here by 'Lindle' as she is an amazing expert on Endo, and knows in detail the protocol that should be followed.


Hi lovely!

I am on cerelle and it has helped me alot but that is not to say it is the right one for you. It takes around 6-8weeks to take effect if you can stick it out for a bit longer? If it is still having an negetive impact on you then yes, go back to your gp.

As for the depression maybe try a CBT course which is know to be very helpful or there is a thing called Mindful that you can do. If you are feeling low and think the depression is coming back and the CBT doesn't work it may be worth taking some medication to help you.

Endo itself is a very hard illness to live with and must be putting more stress on you.

Go for walks when you feel bad or read a book, take yourself away from reality for a bit of peace.

Chin up and know there are always people who can help you!

Lucie x


Hi, if I was you I would go back to your gp and get a refferal to a bsge specialist centre, if it is endo the gold standard of treatment is thorough excision surgery.

And endo can only be diagnosed via a laparoscopy,

I wouldn't mess with your mental healt, and if you feel worse on a drug then it's probably not right for you,



Hi I I'm not having my period on time an when I'm on its less bleeding I've got big belly it's not normal i went to gp they did my blood test its ca125 code but my number is 88 I was trying for a baby last 3month a go after I found out this I stop trying for baby dose anyone know about this thank you


I took that after my lap and persevered for months with it. It made my moods crazy and I had terrible anxiety, as well as headaches and very light but twice monthly periods. Horrible. As soon as I'd been off it for a month I felt better (had a horrible couple of days coming off it - cried all day).

Now on Yasmin which is the best I've tried. It's all really trial and error.


I’m 17, I’ve been taking Cerelle for 2 months now and I think I’ve gained weight, I now have a difficulty of wearing contacts for too long and I used to have a severe nausea almost daily after 2-3 weeks of taking it, so instead of taking it in the morning I now take it at night.

As for my mental health, I’m prone to depression and anxiety, and when I was off hormonal contraception, I had terrible mood swings constantly and generally I would be highly irritable, but especially so during PMS. Once started on Cerelle, my MH has improved - I am not as irritable, most days I feel happy, I don’t feel sad as often and I feel more emotionally stable. With that being said, the times I’ve been sad we’re caused by a heartbreak rather than hormones.

Hope this helps :)


I got really bad mood swings on cerelle last year to the point I had to come off it. One minute I was happy, the next I was so angry and went into a rage and then sat crying at adverts on the tv that weren’t even sad in any way.

I stuck with it for 7 months but my side effects didn’t get any better.

Maybe go back to your gp and explain what’s going on xxx


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