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What's the best contraceptive pill to be on with endometriosis?

Hello everyone. Because of the awful pain i've been having due to suspected endo (having MRI soon, I hope) I am taking the pill (Celeste) without a break. I have only been doing this for the past 6 weeks, but have noticed that i have been very emotional and have bled a little. Does anyone know if Celeste is meant to be a good pill to do this with, or if I should switch?

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Never really got on with any pill, but do know that everyone reacts differently!

Celeste was one of the better ones for me, but I still found the effects on my moods too much to cope with.

There are loads out there, and I guess if you have given it the usual "3 months" to "settle" and it's not working in the way you want, try something different!

Some of the newer ones (Yasmin I think) are meant to be better, I never found them so!

There is also the progesterone only pill... Which is another option, think certazette is one of choice by my gyne!

Good luck! The minefield of oral contraceptives!

Mirena coil is also great if it works! I've had two, first great, second disaster! :-(

Endo sucks - I hope you don't have it... But if you do, there is treatment to make you feel better, you just have to find it!



I found that the best one for me was Logynon. It was the one that I had relatively few side effects from maybe because it had three different dose levels throughout the month. It is so trial and error. Good luck


Microgynon was the best for me cos it's low dose


I use cerezette it's a progesterone only pill and I've found it to be ok


I have been taken Yasmin for 6 months and found it to be really good for me. No weight gain, good skin and best of all virtually no pain! I do take breaks and my periods haven't really got any lighter but I can cope with that - it's the pain that I couldn't stand. I personally have had spotting with low dose pills in the past - it's so personal so good luck xx


Thank you so much everyone for your advice. I'm going to be seeing my doctor soon, so will speak to her about it.


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