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Hi all,

I have severe endo, doctors think since birth, had three laps and one laparotomy, and 3 chemically induced menopauses. I completed a six month Endometriosis pain trial for Kings College hospital earlier this year, and since that finished, I've been put on cerazette, which at first seemed like a godsend. However once again about 3 months in, the weight gain or huge water retention has taken grip. My breasts feel very sore too. I exercise 6 days a week usually 7, and mix it up. I eat healthily. What to do? I am about to switch back in to doing some more of the Endo diet, but anyone notice what really helps with loosing the bloat/water retention? It is affecting my equilibrium and then some. Thanks again, Natalie

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Hi NatAbad,

As far as I know, weight gain, sore breasts and water retention can be due to progesterone. Is Cerazette a progesterone only pill? Is it possible for you to switch to the combined pill?

I've been diagnosed with stage 4endo on my bowel and ovaries with adenomysis and I'm on thecombined pill microgynon back to back (on my 3rd pack) until my next lap. (I am still getting breakthrough bleeding so don't really know how well it's working tbh !!.) Haven't really noticed much bloating or weight gain while I've been taking it.

Diet wise you could try cutting down on salt in your diet as high salt intake can cause water retention, although you've mentioned that you are a healthy eater so don't know whether this would help.

I have very recently cut out caffeine, sugar, red meat and dairy from my diet (been wheat free for the past 7years or so) and haven't noticed much weight gain or bloating so far and although I am still getting some episodes of pain (usually when the breakthrough bleeding is at it's worst), but no where near as bad as it was before I got stricter with my diet.

I'm also drinking alot of water and green tea (over 2 litres a day) as green tea supposedly helps reduce stress levels -too much cortisol in your system can also wreak havoc!)

It is difficult being on a strict diet, especially if eating out, but think it's definitely worth experimenting with to see if it helps even if only for a week or two.

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Thanks for your reply DSan, have tried lots of the other pills: microgynon, feminax, Yasmin, and then they put me on this. waiting for mirena coil which is supposed to work well...wow your diet sounds impressive-am working towards that. Working it all out today, but thanks for advice. Good luck yourself hope all goes well!


Hi NatAbad, I still fall off the wagon some days but my body will definitely tell me when I have. Overall though, feeling better for being in control of my diet !!

Good luck xx


Good luck too. Already just chatting on here and speaking to others always helps I find. Thanks again and all good vibes xx


Hi, I also got really bad bloating/water retention/sore breasts. I take oil of evening primrose once a day and I think that helped with the breast pain/water retention. It still gets bad as I work up to a bleed but in the early stages of taking cerazette (before I started taking the evening primrose) I felt like my breasts were going to tear, they were so bloated (sorry if that's TMI). It's worth giving it a try.


Yes, evening primrose oil may help as it contains estrogenic activity which has the opposite effect to progesterone.


Not TMI, I exercise alot, and without endo am very fit, but yes, like you my breasts have felt unbearably full of water and heavy. I will get some Evening Primrose oil-I'll try anything at the moment. Thanks again!


Im on Cerazette . It is progesterone only pill which is much better for endo as endo feeds of estrogen.

Ive put on half a stone, look bout 6 months pregant due to bloating. Feed & ankles are puffy too.

Ive also had alot of bleeding , im on my 31 st day of bleeding at the mo


Im not sure what the answer is but tralling thru other posts the concensus seems to stick with it as the side effects seem to subside after about 10 months :-0

I,d stick with it for abit longer if you can as endo is complex to treat !

Good luck xxx


Gosh you poor thing but yes I have had a lot of breakthrough bleeding too, but like you say, that is better than the agony the endo brings. I'm going to try the endo diet and be stricter this time and get some evening primrose. I've been on Cerazette for four months nearly, so will stick it out. Green tea, good diet and positivity me thinks! Take care xx


Yep totally agree !!

I cut out wheat & most diary & that has really helped !

Iv started the 5:2 diet as ive found that really helped with bloating & the bowel problems that come with endo .

Me too ... We,l b


Doh !!! It posted before id finished lol

Yep lets stick too it !!!

Keep me posted to how your getting on!



shall do good luck, off to get some goods :) have a good day x


Hi NatAbad,

I know this is an old, old thread but hoping you might still be on here as I just found this when Googling my symptoms.

I have started taking Cerazette too, for medical reasons and the bloating and sore breasts is finishing me off!! I train a lot, I run a fair amount, am normally quite petite but I have an awful jelly belly and big, bloated and very, very sore boobs!

I just did a 3 day juice detox as that usually shifts any water weight for me. Nope...didn't lose a single pound which has never, ever happened before.

I know it's the Cerazette because at the same time, I am getting spots on my chin, mood changes and spots/pimples on my chest too.

Did you ever settle in to it or find a fix?

I am so depressed about not being able to get rid of the weight around my middle.




Dear Soph,

I feel your pain! I'm a fitness junkie and use to be 64kg no probs. I'm now 70kg and work out more than ever always checking my fitbit for progress :) I'm 45, childless an I'm still on cerazette, but recently got asked for umpteenth time to have mirena coil fitted so I agreed....but was agony trying to have it fitted...so I have stayed on cerazette for time being. Still deciding what to do...either that or its a hysterectomy option for me. The spots yes on my chin and the tyre round my waist...my skin has got better though. It is still however the best pill I have been on for Endo and I'm covered in the stuff. Its weird, I only felt the weight gain this year after being on it since 2013 BUT it is good for pain management.

I find green tea helps. Matcha green tea with mint is good and loads of water to flush all the water weight out, but yep its a constant battle to keep it off. Have you ever tried the Endo diet? I used to stick to it rigidly. Lots of fish and veg I ate, and really hardly drink at all these days. There s a good app too called 'TED- the endometriosis diet'. I know its boring being ridgid with food but it deffo helps with the symptoms.

So sorry to hear you so fed up. Sending a-feel-your-pain-Cerazette-hug via the ether ! x


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