Why am I in pain when period due but no period as on pill back to back?

I have posted similar to this a few days ago but I'm thinking my questionwas nnot worded that well so trying again set out above.

I have been on pill 5 weeks and maybe it to soon but other than no blood all other endo associated pain has turned up and is relentless at night.

How is this physically possible? ? The endo not bleeding I assume as not having a period so what is causing thepain? I was really well last week and pain definitely started in line with period being due...weird???

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I don't know what is causing it, but I have the same thing. I am on Loestrin and that makes me have no periods even in the stop week. But I still get pains as if I have my period, without the bleeding. It's really annoying.

Thank you so much for your reply. How long have you been on the pill? Does it reduce your symptoms at all? I could also tell , by pain , when I would of been ovulating to. Have you been given anything else to control your pain?


I have been on the pill for about 23 years with breaks when I was trying for kids and during my pregnancy. I found it did reduce my symptoms, I came off the pill about 8 months ago and it was awful. Went back on, but it's still quite bad so I am scheduled for a hysterectomy and excision at a BSGE in about two months.

I take cocodamol to control the pain. And I use yoga and meditation and diet to manage it as well.

Thank you for your help. I have signed up for yoga and trying the diet. But I find staying away from wheat and diary hard. Any tips? X

I don't avoid wheat as I don't find that makes a difference. I have never been a fan of milk, but I do eat yoghurt. I try to cut out cheese as much as possible, but a little bit of diary does not seem to make me any worse. I do cut out all caffeine, alcohol and red meat and I try to eat as much fruits and veggies as possible. I find especially with caffeine, alcohol and red meat my pain immediately shoots through the roof if I have any of those, so that's why I avoid them. I'd say try to figure out what works best for you and cut out what gives you problems. It's not the same for everyone.

Thank you so much for your advice its much appreciated :)

Hi, if this is your first pill it can take atleast one possibly two packets for your body to adjust to it. Give it a chance. I've tried many and each time it's a new battle just be patient and have some pain killers or try something to relax yourself like exercise of possible (even a walk) and as the lady above says adapt your diet to help.

Hi emma thank you for your post. Walking really helps I think. I find the diet really hard any tips. I was hoping to be referred for an allergy test by specialist so I don't have to rule everything out , as it kinda seems that way at mo. X

You are very welcome. I'm assuming you're from the UK here but a easy starting point is cutting out your bread. Wheat and gluten is hard however if you got to M&S I recommend their wheat and gluten free seeded bread it's actually the only bread I've ever had that's like bread the rest you can almost bounce off the floor.

Try not to look at it as a diet too... Think of it as a change of lifestyle to help yourself. You never know you might find you actually like foods you'd never tried before too. Eat less sugar. If you cut it out altogether in one go it will completely wipe you out if you currently consume a reasonable amount making you more tired. Try eating smaller meals more often just to help your digestion too as not just women with endometriosis but most women if you ask struggle with digestion and discomfort during their cycle.

And drink lots of water and I don't mean two pints I mean about 2 litres a day.

One thing I've learnt is to listen to my body more not fight it. Give it what it needs and learn the different feelings between what's your endometriosis and what's possibly something else. God I sound like a tree higher here, I'm really not I promise. Exercise is good do it when you can manage it. Walking or a jog or bit of both. Whatever you enjoy really. Relaxation is important and the lady that suggested yoga or Pilates is giving you great advice. Learning to just take a deep breath and focus on your breathing is the best thing I ever learnt. It relaxes your body and does ease the cramping because of you get worked up about the cramps they get worse. X

Emma lou, thank you so much for taking time to write out some advice for me. Iwill try the m and s bread that sounds ggood! Water advice I nneed to take on board too. Take care :)


Cramping is common with the pill mate.

Along with feeling tired and bloated in some cases.

It will take about 3 cycles for that to settle down.

Its not endo related i dont think.

Kind regards


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