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Ovarian cyst is there a direct link with endomeriosis?

I have 3 laps and each time ovarian cysts have been an issue does anyone else have this problem with their endo.I am due to see endo specialist soon and really want to discuss this with him as I recently been in hosp for around 10 days initially referred by gp for what she suspected was cyst pain .Had scan found ovary cyst and blocked tube that was infected.IV antibiotics then surgery Surgeon said they would remove ovary and tube but they didnt.Really disapointed because i thought if they were gone its 2 less things to go wrong!!would really like to know if they are linked to endo or just another problem!

Thankyou any shared experience or advised treatment for this would be really helpful


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As far as I am aware the only cysts directly related to Endo are endometrioma cysts which are also known as chocolate cysts as they are filled with old blood and they tend to get quite large.

However I seem to be quite prone to follicular/functional cysts which typically resolve themselves after a few months, are generally small and aren't supposed to cause any pain, although I have definitely suffered pain from at least one! I think these are caused by a hormone imbalance around ovulation so I wouldn't be surprised if these cysts were also somehow indirectly connected to Endo, or at least something women with Endo could be prone to, as a lot of Endo sufferers have hormones all over the place!




what you say about the hormones makes sense.thankyou.


I was admitted to hospital 4 years before I was diagnosed with endometriosis with an ovarian cyst which resolved itself and was explained to me that was hormonal and may happen again, which with similar pain occurring at times I self diagnosed as another cyst which all have resolved without intervention. I would not be surprised if there was a link as there definitely some sort of hormonal issue with endometriosis.

Hope your appointment with your consultant goes well.

Keep smiling :-) xx



I have had scans before where I have had 'ordinary' cysts alongside endometriosis cysts. Some people are just prone to ovarian cysts, as other people have said these usually resolve on their own and have absolutely nothing to do with endometriosis.

Hormones have a lot to answer for! :)

C x


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