Ovarian cyst

Hi all,

I had the fantastic experience of a third trans vag US last week. They're always so pleasant...

My doctor was great at referring me for this and amazingly within 2 weeks of the referral, I had my scan! Go NHS! I went due to having constant abdominal pain, in addition to horrendous pain when ovulating / a week either side of my period.

As noted in the title of this post, the nurse found a cyst on my ovary, she hadn't asked anything about my symptoms but was very quick to dismiss it as "just a small cyst, I'm not worried" - but had no regard for my thoughts on this.

I'm back in to see my doctor in two days and am going to push for surgery, given the fact that I'm in constant pain, and if they go in and investigate, I'm sure they'll find endo cells again (this would be my second op, I'm only 26!). They found a cyst last time, if I remember correctly.

As much as I've done my research over the years, I wonder if anyone could shed some light on how common endo related cysts are? I already know my nurse was ridiculous by dismissing the cyst, she must never have had one, it's not "just" anything. It bloody hurts! Haha.

Thanks in advance for any comments. I love this supportive community :)

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I have a hard time with those ultrasounds due to PTSD so I totally get it.

I'm going in for a lap due to cysts and possible endometriosis. My aunt also had endometriosis along with cysts, so it may go hand in hand. But I can't speak for everyone.

Maybe try to explain to your doctor your concerns and that the previous lap had helped your pain. Maybe they can treat you again or with something new.

I hope things go well and you get the treatment you need.

Hello, I had an ovarian cyst found upon a scan I had back in March. At the time I was told it was a simple cyst and would go within around 6 weeks. 6 weeks later it had grown and they were now suspecting it to be an endometrioma. A further 3 ultrasounds later, it had grown from 2cm to 7cm and was definetely confirmed as an endometrioma as the scan showed blood inside the cyst. As usually simple cysts go within 6 weeks and mine was still there. However I was in no pain and my periods were spot on every month. My sonographer also suspected a blocked tube. My gynaecologist booked me in for a lap which I had almost 2 weeks ago. I was absolutely petrified of waking up in recovery and not knowing if they had removed my tubes or not (I'm only 25). My surgery went surprisingly well, the cyst was just a simple cyst!! After numerous ultrasounds every scan proved wrong! Also my tubes weren't blocked and everything is absolutely fine. I've learned from my experience just to stay as positive as you can and try not to assume the worst before your surgery. Wishing you the best of luck x

If there is endo, the only way of being sure is a lap. US may show some via the transvaginal check, but a lap is the sound diagnostic route. If you've had one before, did they say how much Endo, and what type, and where? If it was of more than a certain severity they should have recommended you be dealt with by a BSGE Clinic (by Endo specialist gynaes) - your GP should know the protocol for this.

If you have got all your letters, notes, records etc., than talk to the trained advisors at 'Endo UK' and they can tell you how to proceed; if not get copies from the GP. If you have only been seen by general gynaes in the past, esp. for the lap, they may not have found all the endo, they may not have recognised some of the types, and they may not have removed it in the best possible way. If Endo is badly or only partially removed it can grow back. I would talk to your GP about who you were seen by if you are not sure, ask what they said about it, to him, post-lap, and talk to 'Endo Uk'. If you are going to have another lap, best to make sure it's a really good one, that counts.


I currently have been diagnosed with a cyst on my right ovary that is 36mm in size. They think it is a endometrioma or a functional cyst.

I had an endometrioma burst on June 9th and that pain was the worst pain I have ever felt in my life. I had 100mls of free blood.

In about 3 weeks time I go back for another ultrasound in where they check if the cyst on my right ovary has disappeared or still there!! Fingers crossed it's gone.

I currently have no pain but I am yet to get my period cyst my burst cyst on June 9th. I had a lap done that day as they thought it was my appendix and removed them, but then noticed a cyst that bursted

I had a 10cm removed, when it was scanned it was 7cm. Waiting for 2nd lap after 3yrs as i have another 6cm cyst on the same side.

Good luck

Do you have any pain? What is the name of the cyst?

It causes hip pain due to its position, my other one caused constant urination as it displaced my bladder. They have all been chocolate cysts which are endometriomas.

See they think I have an endometrioma on my right ovary but I don't have any pain! I might experience pain on my next period

With the first i didnt have pain, just needed to wee more! So it is poss to have no pain, i wouldn't have been diagnosed otherwise.

Have they affected your period in anyway? Or fertility?

Since I had my lap last month in where they removed my appendix I still have it had my period and starting to really worry

They havent affected my period timing, but it makes them more painful. My fertilitymis affected but not by the cysts.

Laps can delay your period i have heard some women on here say that theirs was late, if you are worried book a gp appt :-)

hi. Hope your more comfortable today. I had sudden pain which was misdiagnose as my appendicitis back in Sept ( I had been told from a scan after a miscarriage that I had a tiny simple cyst 6 months earlier)this was also wrong and it turned out to be a chocolate cyst ( endomertrian ),finally had it and the other 3 removed on £1st may at a bsge centre that were amazing 😊. Don't be fobbed off I didn't know anything about e endometriosis or cysts and I wish I had as it would have saved us a lot of worry and stress. Are you on any medication? Good luck with getting your gp to listen. Xx

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