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First post .. Ovarian cyst experiences

Beginning of 2017 I was having difficulty with doing up my trousers.. they felt very snug! But there were other symptoms which were present; month long period and tender/ swollen boobs. I visited my GP, to express my concerns and how this wasn’t the norm.

Then in May 2017 they found two “chocolate” cyst one on my left ovary about 8cm and one on my right ovary 4/5cm

After checking again in June (via ultrasound) that they hadn’t disappeared, I then saw a gynaecologist in August.

Instantly the gynaecologist referred me for a laparoscopic investigation. Finally I am having this 2nd of March.

I would really appreciate some of your own personal experiences with removing large cysts from ovaries.

Keeping my ovaries is massively important to me, as I have not had any children yet and this is something which is highly wished for in my future.

Thank you for reading.

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I had this too. Although I had an MRI before my surgery and they found loads more. Mine was on the outside if my bowel.. large rv nodule frozen pelvis etc. I and surgery at a BSGE centre in Nov and they successfully removed it all including the 2 cysts in my ovaries. If you have any specific questions pls ask as before this I didn't even know I had endo so know how worrying it can be x


Thank you for your reply.

I am sorry to hear that, but you are saying from your surgery in November there has been no repercussions?

I think now leading up to the surgery there is definitely a lot of “what ifs” going through my mind.

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I am a super worrier so was worried about everything but I am fine since the op other than super heavy periods (which I'm told will settle down)

I was one of the luckier ones who even tho had endo bad I didn't suffer too bad so can't really say it's made much of a difference. The reason I had the surgery was pain was getting worst when I had periods and we have been ttc for 2 yrs. They told me my ovaries are good and my tubes too now so it may help but so far I'm not pregnant xx


I think it is the worry of the unknown, more than anything.

I have heard some suffer immensely!

That is good that your ovaries /tubes are good so there is hope for a family.

:) xx


I had my first laposcopy last year as I had a ruptured cyst on my ovaries. I was then diagnosed with endo too. The Drs will always avoid removing your ovaries unless absolutely necessary.

All has been well so far with the exception on very heavy and painful periods on day 1 & 2 especially.

Good luck xxx


Thank you for replying.

Gosh a ruptured cyst.. I have heard that pain is pretty much unbearable, did you go to a&e and they found out?

Before were you not aware before that you had a cyst?

May I ask how large your cyst was? (If you don’t mind me giving 21 questions back!)



Sorry for the late reply. Don’t be daft ask away.

I was not aware at all of any cysts before that day.

I had been out with friends the night before, had intercourse with my hubby (Could of started it) then woke up to go loo early hours but couldn’t stand up properly which was when the pain started, Iiterally crawled into bed and called 111.

They referred me to a&e. I was left for 3 days and by this point I had 5 pints of internal bleeding. Had a lap to clean me up and drain bleeding and then endo was discovered. But I recovered really well


No worries.

Gosh that must have been scary!

Pleased now afterwards you are on recovery.


Hi Rachel

I'm recovering from having my first lap surgery yday, had my left ovary, Fallopian tube and 2 cysts removed one was 7cm ish and they drained 900ml fluid from it in a bag before taking it out through incision. Also found clear endometriosis gluing my uterus to pelvic wall and bowel and surgeon excised all that too. I went in knowing he was removing the ovary and tube and cysts but while he suspected endo didn't know for sure.

Also have 5/6 fibroid in uterus one is half to 2/3 size of uterus and thickening of lining so he has taken biopsies of the endometrium lining as well as sending ovary cyst and tube tissue to be checked.

To be honest I have been in so much pain daily that after coming round from the surgery I felt great. Home at 5pm last night (in at 7:30 and first surgery).

Didn't sleep well last night due to pain in abdomen and shoulders from CO2 gas and just took one 30mg cocodamol until just now taken ibuprofen.

I was also worried but do glad to have the surgery day finally come, you will be fine and are in the best hands.



Oh forgot to say the other cyst was in my Fallopian tube and was bulging out the wall.



Thank you for replying.

So good to hear everyone’s different experiences.

So you had 2 cysts on the left ovary?

Nothing on the right ovary? (So have you kept these ovary?)

Did you know he was going to remove your ovary because of how it was shown on a mri or ultrasound?

I am sorry to hear you have been in pain daily - how long have you been experiencing this for?(when did they first diagnose your cyst?)

But that is great to hear that you are now feeling better from yesterday’s surgery. Really pleased for you!

Sorry 21 questions!



No worries happy to answer questions.

Yep 2 cysts on left ovary so that had to go as the large one had taken over the ovary, right ovary and tube look perfect so kept those.

I had 2 ultrasounds about 3 months apart July and Sep I think so knew at my next app in Dec that the ovary and tube would have to go as the cysts had grown. Symptom wise they started last Feb/Mar and due to the endometriosis he found that may have been causing the pain in the main.

I'm in quite a lot of abdo pain at mo where he did his work and prob due to all the bits cut out but by choice I am not taking painkillers as they cause constipation (I haven't had BM as yet so am a bit worried about that).

Otherwise I am able to lie down in bed without shoulder gas pains but am still burping and releasing gas and bloated.

Any other questions you have let me know xx


Thank you.

Hopefully/ maybe just with the one cyst my ovary/ ovaries they can be saved!

Similar to my time line last year..

it’s sometiems good not to take the painkillers I agree then you can at least know what is going on with your own body..

I am sure it will only get better.

What did they say is next now for you.. Would you have any other surgery in the future?



Hi, I too had cysts (6x5 and 9x8) on both ovaries and they were removed (laporoscopy) on 9th feb. I was terrified! All I’m going to say is the surgery was not half as bad as expected. Any questions you want to ask, please do and I’ll do my best to answer. Stay strong, deep breaths and you’ll be fine :)


Evening ..

Thank you for your comment!

Pleased your laparoscopy went well.

Did they find anything else while removing the cyst? (If you don’t mind me asking)

And how long did it take you to recover?



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