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Ovarian cyst

I have been diagnosed with a ovarian cyst . It's 2.5 cm and I am having horrible periods . I have gained weight and have no energy. I constantly feel the need to wee. I have asked to be referred to a specialist so they can hopefully help. My doctors done this at a push but told me to take cerelle the mini pill . I am worried about taking this if I have a cyst . Should I I wait to see the specialist first or just take it ??? Fed up with feeling like crap .

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Hi there, that sounds painful. Definitely a wise move being referred to a specialist as they will know what to do and look for. Depending on what the waiting time is to see them it may not be a bad idea to start taking the mini pill in the meantime, as this should help with your periods and eventually stop them altogether if you're on it for long enough.

I was diagnosed with an ovarian cyst which turned out to be a 5cm endometrioma that I had removed during a laparoscopy. This greatly improved my periods and pain after, although having been diagnosed with severe endo I also went on Zoladex implants for 6 months followed by the mini pill. I am now just recovering from my second lap and have now had a Mirena fitted (so far so good) so there are plenty of options out there for you to explore. All the best x


I hope you don't mind me asking but did the removal of the endometrioma make your periods any lighter? x


Yes I believe it did, although being on the Zoladex straight after quickly followed by the mini pill made a huge difference too. However the mini pill didn't agree with me, I became quite low, no interest in sex, etc. so I came off all hormones altogether for a while, which was great for my mind but not for my body.

Initially my periods were very light and pain free but then returned to my usual heaviness. It turned out I had another endometrioma on the same ovary so had my second lap beginning of December where unfortunately they had to remove the ovary too as it was so badly damaged (was surprised to learn that you actually only need one to function as they alternate ovulation every month and if one goes, the other just kicks in all the time). So in theory my Mirena should now keep my endo under control and hopefully make my periods go away altogether.

Sorry for the long reply. Hope it makes sense. So my advice is definitely get your endometrioma removed but give thought to some form of ongoing hormone treatment after to keep everything quiet, otherwise the chances are it will return again x


Thanks for all your help. I am on the waiting list for surgery as have endometriomas in both ovaries. However we've

still been debating whether to have surgery as we have been TTC. Very interesting to learn about how the ovaries function each month as I may lose one as it is also stuck to the side of my womb xx


Thank you for your advice . It's appreciated x


Hi sorry to bother you. I have started the mini pill but it says if u have a cyst you may not be able to take it . Do you think I should stop taking it until I see specialist?


No need to apologise Tina. Do you have any timescale for seeing the specialist? If your doctor has prescribed you the mini pill and is aware you have an ovarian cyst caused by endo I would be inclined to stay on it as it will, in theory, put everything to sleep thus helping to prevent it from getting bigger. Plus it should help with your periods in that these may get lighter, shorter and less painful, and depending how long you're on it, disappear altogether.

I'm no doctor mind you so if you are worried maybe try contacting the specialist to bring the appointment forward or at least ask their opinion x


Thank you xx I am calling my doctors this am . I feel ok at mintue but just don't want to make matters worse. Doctor said it can't hurt anything but I did not want to take any hormones again . Will see how I go just fed up with waiting xxx hope you are well


I too have an ovarian cyst - the size of an orange this time. The first time I had a cyst it was a tiny one 2x4 cm and I had lap for that. The new gigantic one is behind my uterus and pressing on the bladder. It hurts when I have sex, try to exercise or even pee, hell, sometimes even walking hurts and I cannot stand straight. It took me almost 1 year to get the docs to believe that it is not in my head...

The horrible-terrible periods started about 18 months ago and for two days every month I cannot leave home because nothing can hold the flow :( I have fainted because of the severe pain.

Have lap scheduled in a month and will have Mirena coil.

I know sometimes pill can help, it suppresses the normal function of ovaries so the endo will not grow either.

I cannot take pills cause it gives me headaches and I become a super bitch :(

Even now I am in a bad place - very depressed, have gained a lot and completely unable to focus. I forget all the time, I am exhausted and just fed up. Can endo do that?

I was thinking that perhaps endo happens due to hormonal changes so why do docs treat it with synthetic hormones?

What is causing those hormonal changes in the first place.

I think endo is a symptom.


I am sorry for your pain . I know what it's like and dread my periods. I would like to understand what hormones are causing the issues in the first place and I will be asking the specialist when I eventually get to see one. Most of my friends have endo and they are always shattered. It's tough when you cannot leave the house when you start your monthlys. I am the same I have to take emergency holiday every month when I come on . Sick of feeling like crap for 2 weeks of every month. Chin up chick things have to get better xxx


Yes, tinamarina, we got to get our chins up and keep going.

There are many theories about what causes endo but considering what endo is, I personally tend towards hormones. Estrogen-like chemicals in our surroundings - xenoestrogens can cause many problems in reproductive system, so I will be investigating it and see what I come up with.


Hi, I've found out I have 2 cysts, both different types. I have symptoms a bit like yours, no energy, bloated, the need to wee all the time, gained weight and struggling to lose it. I had the coil fitted after my last laparoscopy which helped. Waiting to see the surgeon to see what the next step is. Good Luck xx

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Good luck xxx


How have you got on with the m coil . Has it helped with your periods and pain ? ?x


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