Pregnant with endometriosis: vaginal birth or C section?

After finally being diagnosed with endometriosis last year though a laparoscopy, I had Prostap for 3 months. Periods returned in October and a little miracle came my way on New Years day and am now 29 weeks with my first baby. I am wondering whether the possibility of having a C-section might make the endometriosis return worse than before. Would a vaginal birth be a better option if I was able to have one? Am considering elective C-section and don't know whether I should avoid C-section because of having endometriosis, and would appreciate any advice. Thanks. x

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  • Hey love, first of all congratulations on your pregnancy. I had both my children vaginally. I think you should make an appointment with your midwife and sit down and talk about the pro's and cons of a selective c section. Ive just done a quick google search, never a good idea sometimes but I would suggest doing the same and reading all different reviews and then speak to the midwife.

    I hope this has help you. Good luck and take care xx

  • Wow, many congratulations! What a lovely gift! I have a daughter, have abdo probs for 17 years but only diagnosed last year. I had my daughter nearly 6 years ago after 8 and a half days in labour. I had what they call a long latent phase. Basically contractions nothing happening sure cos of Endo now look back. Eventually born with forceps. Had I known it would be so long would I have had a c section? No. It is a major operation and takes a lot of time to get over and when you have a newborn its already tough. Its your decision and you have to do what's right for you.sending you best wishes and congrats.

  • Thank you :) I was wondering why can endometriosis cause a long latent phase? If you don't mind me asking how was recovery after forceps delivery? They look scary huge :( xx

  • I think that if Endo is in your abdo cavity the body doesn't get the right signals and do what its supposed to! Nothing to the forceps! Never felt a thing and was no more sore than I'd had been doing a bike ride! I tore a slight bit but few stitches but wasn't painful really. Having a lap was more painful to me!! Do you know what you are having??? Really lovely news. x

  • :) Am over the moon to be pregnant, am having a boy. My endo is/was mainly in my right ovary - only have one ovary and had a 6cm endometrioma in it, my left ovary is atrophic and born without a left tube. Surgeon said he got rid of most of the endo during cyst drainage. I am not sure if endo is in the abdominal cavity as notes mentioned some deep endo in left uterosacral area - think there is a bit. My lap recovery took 6 weeks and was awfully painful too! Got a lot to talk about with midwife! x

  • Just wanted to say, I have endo and had an emergency c section and can't praise them enough, from my experience. I was given more than adaquate pain releif and as my daughter was in neonatal the nurses made sure I was up and about as soon as possible. I'm not kidding, I was totally pain free and off any pain relief within 10 days. I found getting up and about helped enormously. I haven't found my endo has been any worse, but it maybe depends where your endo is. Mine is at the back, attached to the bowel. Definately agree talkiing to your midwife or consultant should make the decision easier, all the best x

  • Hi, thank you ladies for replying to my question. I think I have come to the conclusion that, if I did not have endometriosis then I would probably have elective C-section but have looked up on the web and seen that C-section can actually cause endometriosis where scare tissue forms. I just found out that my fiance's mum had 3 C-sections and had severe endometriosis in her 50's and cysts turned into tumours and she needed a hysterectomy. Scary! I suppose I will let nature decide on what is going to happen. If I make 40 weeks and have not started labour then I will be induced at week 40 because of having endometriosis the doctors don't want me going over 40 weeks. But I am terrified of giving birth the natural way and the thought of the possibility of forceps scares the hell outta me as I am only a petite lass and fear it would completely destroy my lady parts permanently. Sorry it might sound silly but have heard so many horror stories with natural births. But I do want to experience natural birth I feel so ambivalent about it! I will talk things through with my midwife, see what she says. Baby is in head down position at the moment but it was breech last Friday as midwife appointment said head was up and scan on Tuesday showed it head down. If it is breech won't have it manually turned an will have C-section. Thank you for your thoughts on this.


  • Congratulations on your pregnancy. I think you're wise to see how things turn out for you, as every woman is different, and every pregnancy is different. I hope it all goes very well for you, and that you're able to give birth in the way that's right for you in the end. Good luck!

  • Thankyou. Perfect scenario = birth in the birthing pool and gas and air. Or scheduled C-Section. I think if not allowed to use the pool as doctors think that have a risky delivery then will ask for C-section as if it's risky delivery then would assume safer option for baby is C-Section. :)

  • Congratulations on your pregnancy! I have endo and have had 2 sections. I wanted a vaginal delivery with my first but ended up having an emergency section after 44hrs of labour. I was told a natural birth would help with my endometriosis. My endo returned a few weeks after my baby and was worse than before. I fell pregnant with my 2nd child 12 weeks after having my first, despite being on the pill! I decided on an elective section the 2nd time round. I had keloid scars from my first section. The consultant thinks my scars could be making my pains worse x

  • Have you consulted a Dr about your c-section thoughts? I have severe endo and conceived after IVF. Right now I have a low lying placenta and the baby is breech. I am a good candidate for c section. But today the Dr told me women with endo are far more likely to suffer severe bleeding, ruptured bowel or bladder and risk the ability to carry a second child if they have a c section. Natural birth is by far the safest option for me. So we have to hope the placenta rises!! Please don't think c section the easy way out - today I learnt if you have endo it absolutely isn't at all.

  • Hi thanks for your reply. My due date feels so near now, only 37 days to go... I would prefer a natural birth but am scared as hell of needing assistance, there is no way I want my baby's head to be clamped with forceps and pulled out I am thinking they could damage him or leave permanent scars on his face/head. I would rather be cut open belly ways than down there and have him pulled out by horrible metal instruments, don't care about the consequences on me in future if have C section as long as he isn't at risk of having his head pulled by forceps it looks so awful and heard that can damage babies being pulled out this way. I suppose when it comes down to it what will happen will happen though if need assistance with forceps I will ask for a C section... if there is time. I hope that it will be natural in a birth pool that would be my ideal birth :) x

  • Go natuaral as if you have c section it can make it worst due to scarring thats what endo is hope this helps

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