Endometriosis or just adhesions?


I'm completely new to all this so bear with me. I'm 38 and I had a c-section in Jan 2012 Then in January of 2015 I started getting bad period pain. I'd never had any period pain before then. I went to the GP in February after having another bad period. Symptoms included bowel spasms, severe cramping, nausea. He told me it was my age and that I just needed to take stronger painkillers. In April of 2015 I ended up in Hospital with it as I couldn't cope with the pain (along with painkillers), I kept vomitting, having hot sweats etc. I was referred to a specialist and had a colonoscopy with clear results and eventually a laparoscopy. My left ovary was stuck and I was told I was riddled with adhesions from my section. My uterus was stuck to my bladder also which the surgeon wouldn't touch. The laparoscopy healed things up nicely. That was last october (9 months ago). This month, my period came back with a vengeance. I only bled for 2 days but I couldn't go to the toilet because of my bowel spasms. I had severe cramps, nausea, sweats. I was so ill and my specialist is off for a month. I don't know what to do...Is it endometriosis? Is it the adhesions growing back? I met with a specialist in June to talk about having another child, because I have heart problems which means I will need another c-section and with that comes complications- the bladder could be nicked etc. So now, I'm just confused as to what to do. I'm hoping someone on here, will know what this is. Or who I should go to. I don't have any pain other than during my period, and don't experience pain during sex. Hope you can help.

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hi I had a emergency c section in may 2013 I started having bowel issues as well but started having lower left pelvic pain that was always bad during a period I then got referred to gynaecology in August 2014 but ended up in hospital cause the pain was so bad ended up being scaned and scan revealed a 2cm cyst on right ovary I was sent home with pain relief I then got my gynaecology appointment through and my husband came with me I then got my lap in January 2015 which revealed aheadions on pouch of Douglas and endometriosis in my womb me and my husband are wanting another child but started getting the pain with venengance but sadly been told nothing more they can do for me even though I'm convinced my endometriosis or my aheasions are back xx

Oh no Nicolahunny. Why did they say they can do nothing more for you? Surely they could do another laparoscopy to remove the endometriosis? I see on these forums that women get more than one laparoscopy. Also what did they gynaecologist say about having a child? Will that help the pain? Or at least relieve it? Im sorry that this is happening to you. It's terrible.

they said that after the laprostopy they would give me a year to fall pregnant but saw infertility clinic and they said that if I wanted to go down the ivf route I wouldn't be entitled to help on nhs as already have one child feels like a knife through the stomach really plus success rate is only 25% for my age iv even been back to my doctor and begged them to refer me for another laprostopy and all I get is my endometriosis was only moderate from the finding of the last lap and said they wont do one due to the fact more scarred tissue would develop xx

If you are in pain, don't take no for an answer. Keep going. I hope something happens for you soon.

I keep going back but get branded a hypochondriac I don't know what more to do for them to make them listen to me are u planning on having anymore children xx

They can't call you a hypochondriac. That is disgraceful. Your pain is real to you. I want one more but with everything going on in my body, and my heart problems too, I'm not sure if it's feasible. I don't even know where to go with this pain now as my gp doesn't understand and my specialist is off for a month.

I'm the same I don't even know if family planning clinic would be more understanding they were when I went a few years ago and they were the ones that refered me for my first lap that showed I had endometriosis and I know it sounds bad but pregnancy was the only thing that's eased it I just hope that ur specialist will help u xx

You could do with a private consultant that works for the n h s too.then after you ve paid for 1 appointment the pain team at his/ hospital!! I had a full year if agony till i had a private cosultation!! In this day & age its disgracefull what pain we have to go through!!

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