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something to help with pain

hi google help with endo pain read that someone had taken Arnica tablets thought i would give it ago . wasnot a miracal cure but would say i had less pain reduduced by 20 % also tryed the voltarol tablets as i get lot of pain round my tummy and back and normaly take feminax which wipes me out and that helps loads i found i could continue my day without being doubled over or in wiped out on tablets :)

i must say i thought mine was bad but after reading what some of you go through i think mine is an the low scale

hope it helps :0)

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Thank you for your post, I have had nerve pain around the back and spine which may be adhesion related, I think I will try arnica tablets and perhaps Voltarol as paracetamol does not work quickly

all the best x


found i need to take the arnic a week before to et it to start working before the pain kicked in and i agree with paracetamol wast of time

hope it helps x


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