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Vitamin and Minerals seem to help!!!


Hi Ladies

After reading an awesome little book from USA (Living Well With Endometriosis - Kerry-Morris) I thought I'd give a concoction of the recommended vits and mins a go. I've been feeling drained and fatigued for months, since the Endo returned after Lap, and the constant pain was unbearable. I was getting monthly spots in the same place, my pms was horrendeous and I had gained weight through comfort eating to ease the depression caused by the pain.

The concoction consists Selenium, vits A, C & E (in one tablet), Vit B complex tablet, Calcium and vit D (one tablet), Magnesium and vit C & Zinc (one tablet). It seemed a bit excessive as lots of tablets to take in one sitting, however the results have been mind blowing (bearing in mind this is the only change I have made recently). Within a week the pain had eased, within two weeks my skin had cleared up, the depression had started to lift. In the third week I knew my period was due, which meant extreme pain was to be expected. But it didn't happen!! Seriously my period started on the expected day, minimal period pain, bright red blood (instead of the muck that usually comes out due to burst chocolate cysts and build up), within three days it was all over and no pain.

One week since period and I feel amazing, not fatigued, full of energy, happy and pain free. I made this chance because I didn't want to be operated on again, to remove chocolate cysts, and I didn't want to start taking hormone treatments. I can't say it will work for everyone, but it seems to be working for me. My mood is better, I have energy for the first time in years and my skin has cleared up.

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Wow im so pleased vitamins are wking for you :) U must be so happy. Ive bn thinking of doing the same but wanted to change my diet but im finding this too hard so might just do the same with vitamins, xxx

I was the same with my diet, but since feeling better my diet has naturally changed. Hope it works for you to xx

Thanks a lot

In fact me too started Evening Primrose Oil Capsules (Vitamin E) and B Complex since last month and thank god my pain was well low than normal. I was a bit reluctant to continue it but with your message, this motivates me to continue.

Thanks a lot for sharing your experience :)

Jennaberri in reply to Noorri

This is fantastic to hear :)

Hopefully more ladies will read this from the both of us and give it a go, if it helps one person my job is done :) x

Thanks to both of you :) gives me hope with trying now as i was never sure whether vitamins would work. Is it more expensive ones ur using or cheaper ones? I work in a pharmacy and we sell cheap ones which go so well but also dearer ones which i thot would work better. Also i never eat oily fish and bought fish oil capsules but they are huge, how the hell would i swallow them. lol. xx

I got all mine from Tesco's on 3 for 2, so worked out cheaper. I got Tesco own B complex, Calcium & vit D and Magnesium. The Selenium with A, C & E was a bit more expensive as an organic range, but I only bought that because it was on offer, Vit C and zinc is Redoxon, again on offer. So I would give the own brand ones a go. It is alot to swallow but I take them in the morning with my brek and its done :) x

Thank you :) xx

I used evening primrose oil of HealthAid and the vitamin B Complex is the cheap one. What about u Jennaberri?

Jennaberri in reply to Noorri

My B Complex is Tesco's own :)

Hi Jennaberri,

I take Magnesium, Selenium(brazil nut)vit D and potassium plus iodine vitamin.

Im like you i feel a lot better but still got tiredness which is annoying, but im hoping after they remove the endo and endo cysts it will go.

It was my fiance who read up and told me to take these vitamins, he said not to take cheap one because of what they are mixed such as soya, etc.

thank you for this post xxx

Hi, I also take Vit B complex, magnesium and zinc among other things! I get advice from an Applied Kinisiologist and juice raw fresh vegetables too. Defo makes a difference. Thanks for post I think there's a lot in. It is true sadly that the more money you spend the better the product. Xx

I have been on all of those vitamins including b6, b12 and wobenzym n for months and it works for me since am trying to conceive the wobenzym n clear all those adhesions and chocolate cyst so it's not a pretty sight to look at the blood coming out of me during periods. To me English medicine it's not the only way and its nice that many women with endo are turning to vitamins. But be careful not to take more than the recommended dosage for selenium. Good luck ladies.

But it's also sad when people try cheap ones and they don't work and then they give up. There are lots of mid range price ones--Lamberts or Higher Nature are just two good quality companies whose prices aren't silly. PS I don't work for either of those companies!!!

Totally agree, the tesco own brand vit B complex and a spoon of magnesium with a great big omega 3 is part of my breakfast and I feel so much better. The other thing I have found great are psyllium husks. It's a natural soluble fibre that helps the bowel, much nicer than movicol turning me into a tube of toothpaste!! (Gross!)

Jennaberri in reply to greyass

Lol :)

Thank you for posting tis information as it offers alternative solutions as to help yourself feel better from this awful illness. I have been ill with auto immune diseases all my life and have had pain, but endometriosis pain has beaten me. I am on pain patches, codiene and paracetamol because it's all the time and gets worse at ovulation and beginning of my period, in fact unmanageable. I have ordered the progesterone cream which is supposed to naturally raise the progesterone level because people with endo are progesterone deficiant. You put it on from day 14 to day 27. There is also Agnus castus which balances out your hormones and again decreases the dominent hormones that cause endometriosis. I also have fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue but I am determined to get my life back but in a more healthy way. I wish you all well.

Just been reading these posts & it reminded me that years ago I used to take vits & minerals and found them a help. Have taken that much through the years had completely forgotten.

Think after reading this I will try them again and see if they help. Thanks x

Jennaberri in reply to loucom

I was the same, I used to take (about 8 years ago) most of the vits and mins I'm taking now but for depression. It worked then but as time went by I forgot about them until I read aabout them being good for endo, lol

Thanks for this. I started taking a different form of vitamins as a friend recommend them. They it's an expensive product and took a while to work but the difference has been amazing. My sick days have greatly reduced and I no longer get all month pain.

Was cutting down because of the price but reading this had encouraged me to stick at it. No matter who wants to be negative about it! Maybe I'll give what you're doing a go as it is probably cheaper!

Thanks guys


Do you take Vitamin E. I heard evening primrose oil can be of great health. Is it true?

I know this post is rather old but I wanted to pop a note to say that supplements have given me excellent results too. Three months in to my new regime of Vit C, E and Evening Primrose Oil my endo belly is barely noticeable, and the pain has only(!) been a day of intermittent stabbing pains in my uterus and ovaries that I can manage with Mefenemic Acid and a tiny drop of CBD oil. Compared to three months ago where I ended in a ball of agony on the floor in the office freaking out my manager, I feel a bit giddy with hope.

I am still a bit tired and not running marathons or anything when I have an episode, but finger's crossed it lasts!

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