Found something to help the pain finally !

Hi everyone I just thought that I would share with you something that has helped my pain in my back stomach and legs. My husband brought me a hydro bath as he read that it can help with symptoms of endo and back pain I didn't think this would work but I gave it w go and I haven't suffered for months when I do get a little pain I just get the bath ready and have a hydro bath. It's well worth the try ladies it doesn't get rid of the depression etc but the physical pain yes.

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  • do you know how much it was? sounds like a miracle!! xx

  • My husband managed to get a second hand one for £45 they can be expensive but if look on eBay I'm sure will find one at good price x

  • How much did it cost - it sounds interesting...

  • My husband managed to get a second hand one for £45 they can be expensive but if look around eBay etc u should find one at good price xx

  • Hi, sounds stupid, but what is a hydro bath??? Never heard of it!! Xx

  • If u type it into google it will tell u all u need I use it every week sometimes every 2 days depending how I feel and it's amazing I was in pain yesterday had a bath last night and feel great today it really works for me and thought I would share something that helps for everyone to read I never heard of it before it was my husband that went searching on Internet and found something saying a hydro bath helps with endo then found me one so its in comfort of my own home :) xx

  • It's like a jet stream bath or hot tub; it pushes bubbles of hot water into your back, legs, etc. and is like a gentle massage which helps relax muscles - given much pain is a result of spasms of tissue, any hot gentle massage can be very helpful. I used to sit in the one at the gym for an hour and felt brilliant afterwards but as I've mostly rented properties, never found one for the home. These are more user-friendly as you simply put the lining into your own bath....type it into google...

  • I think I may be being really dumb here. When I google hydro bath it brings up full size hydro baths or, er, dog grooming baths ;) do you mean your husband bought you a full size hydro bath or is it a mat you place in a regular bath that produces a jet/whirlpool effect?

    Basically I'm desperate to try something like this. Along with Endo I'm dealing with PTSD/anxiety disorder. I've found dead sea salt and aromatherapy baths a god send for the anxiety muscle pain and my general mood and so helpful if the Endo pain is at the point where it's not so severe that it would be impossible to get in a bath. On the odd occasion I've had a whirlpool bath in a hotel etc it's been utter bliss for both conditions but as I'm in a rented property and I've lost my job due to Endo and PTSD money is very tight.

    Basically this long rambling message is to ask if you could post a link to something similar to what you have and also if anyone has found spa whirlpool mats (or whatever they're called!) useful for endo id really like to know. I'd love to try one if so.

    Thanks and I hope you're all having a bearable Endo day xx

  • It's a matt that goes on the bottom of the bath I will try post a link for you. If you put does hydro bath help endo in Google there will be stories ect on there xx

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