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No diagnosis and living with pain?

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Hi ladies,

So.. I have had my lap done approx 4 weeks ago to find out that I defo dont have endometriosis. Although that is a good thing I guess, but I still have the most painful periods ever. I get pain before my period, during and after. It feels like stabbing and literally being electrified with pain.

It really saddens me that I literally have no explanation for the pain im living with. Ive literally been living in a bubble for years waiting to finally undertake the lap to find out what I really have yet.. nothing. Ive tried so many different contraceptives to improve my symptoms and nothing helps.

I feel so upset to know that everytime my period comes during the month Im going to have to cancel atleast 3 days due to pain.

Can anyone advise me on what to do? Shall I just give up and literally live with this intense pain? Or still try to find answers?

I heard a lot that overtime after the lap period symptoms do decrease, but it really hasnt for me.

I would be more than grateful to get any answers. Thank you all in advance ! xx

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Hey, was it a general gynae or an endo specialist who did your lap? Endo can be missed by a general gynae

Have you tried like changing your diet or anything like that?

You can always get a second opinion but I had a lap 5 months ago to remove endo and I haven’t seen any improvements. Xxx

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Zuzu7 in reply to princessk09

Hey princessk09,

I think it was a general gynae surgeon who undertook my surgery :(. Ive tried a lot of other stuff to try to improve it like take multivitamins etc. I have thought about talking to a specialist for endo.

Im sad to hear to that your symptoms havent got better even after diagnosis. I really hope your symptoms begin to decrease :( xx

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princessk09 in reply to Zuzu7

Thank you and yeah definitely try and see your gp and ask to see an endo specialist.

I ended up paying for a private consultant at spire which cost £214 but he was amazing and really knew his stuff and actually listened etc.

Obviously you don’t have to pay but it’s worth asking your gp to find one on the nhs in your area xxx

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Zuzu7 in reply to princessk09

Thank you so much. What a great idea will defo be going for this. Thats really what I need right about now xx

Sorry to hear you’re having such a bad time. I would suggest contacting your gynaecologist and letting them know you’re still having pain. Just because you don’t have Endometriosis it doesn’t mean that you have to live with your symptoms. Have you been assessed for Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome? I’m assuming they did a hysteroscopy when they did your lap but it’s worth checking. Sometimes polyps and other conditions could be responsible for pain. Best of luck

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Zuzu7 in reply to Lycec

Hey Lycec,

All they did was a lap at the time. And my recovery process was really difficult inc my period pain once again.

I really wanna try get a second option to see if really anyone can diagnose me. Thank you xx

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