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Magic lap hasn't much difference, what happens next?


I had a lap 8wks ago when I was diagnosed, and had a chocolate cyst drained on my left ovary, polyp removed from my uterus and endo removed including in my pouch of douglas. I had a follow up 4wks later and was given Vesicare by my consultant as I had pelvis pain, and pain on urinating.

I got the impression from my consultant that the lap would cure everything and I wouldn't have any more pain. From reading some if your stories on here I can see that women continue to suffer, and go on to have more ops and treatments.

I don't know anyone who has this illness and feel really in the dark. I've got another appointment with my consultant in July but what will happen next? I just feel down as the tablets haven't worked and I still have pain in my pelvis.

IggiePiggy X

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Hi IggiePiggy,

Sorry to hear you are still suffering. After my lap the pain got worse after a short while and a consultant suggested it could be I have adenomyosis (which is endo but in the uterus wall). Nothing was done further because I was TTC.

They can't really diagnose this, so I don't know what they may suggest?

It may also be Vasicare may not be the right pain killer? It may be worth phoning up your GP surgery and ask to speak with a GP who specialises in gynae and ask them maybe? I do this - and I now see the GP Gynae all the time - she is great.

Noggs x


Hi Noggs

Thanks for your reply. I've been to my gp today and she thinks I may have an infection and has taken samples and given me antibiotics.

Vasicare is to stop frequent and pain urinating. The consultant thought my pains were bladder related but they're not.

Hope you're having a pain free day.

IP x


Hi IP,

Sorry to read of your pain and experience.

First thing I would say is a lap is just the term used for the type of operation (i.e. it is keyhole surgery as opposed to open surgery). The result will depend upon what work is done via the lap. This is why there is such a big difference in outcomes. Some don't have any work done at all and the surgeon just has a look, others have laser, others have patch excision which does what it says on the tin but at a deeper level (laser just burns off the surface) and then there is the big one which is radical excision - where the whole lining of the peritoneum is removed and thus all seen and unseen endo, including sites where it has yet to appear - all done keyhole). The outcome will depend upon how you were treated.

Second thing I would say is make sure you are seeing a endo consultant. Have a look at the website of A K Trehan . He is up in Dewsbury so you may well not be in his catchment area but his site is very informative.

I tend to bang on about this because I had radical excision 16 months ago and have been right as ninepence since - no endo pain whatsoever and back to the gym with no time as yet off work endo related. Mine was recto-vaginal, on bowel, bladder, diaphragm, ligaments, on uterus, ovaries . . . ).

It just seems to me to make more sense to keep your healthy organs and get the endo removed. No HRT needed either. If you have endo in the muscles of the uterus then it is a bit different but you still don't need to lose ovaries unless there is some other reason. Mine were totally stuck up and had large chocolate cysts but with a skilled surgeon (I had temoorary ovarian suspension whilst healing so they were less likely to get re-stuck), I still have them.

I wish you well in getting the very best treatment that we all deserve.


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