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worried about laparoscopy what happens next?

Hiya I'm new here. Im due my lap on the 1st Feb after a long wait and countless other investigations.

Im worried that my lap wont show anything, ive had an ultrasound which one gynae has said has shown my ovaries sticking to my womb (?) and another gynae consultant saying it doesnt. I have had a lot of time off work through pain and uncontrollable bleeding this past year which I am due a formal sickness review in 2 weeks. if this lap doesnt show anything what happens next? im tired of being in constant pain and taking high doses of strong painkillers, i feel like tearing my hair out because its affecting my career and family home life.

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I’d be more than happy to dm you tomorrow and tell you “what happens next” in my experience as I’m currently going through that, you can ask me any questions if you want on top of that, I would explain ‘my story’ now but I’m in agony and need to sleep ☹️ xx


Oooh thank you that would be helpful, hope you are ok x



Sorry about last night, feeling much better now!

First of all I’d prepare yourself well in advanced that there’s a possibility they won’t find anything, I didn’t and was totally hysterical, beyond embarrassed, crying like a freak and I wish I’d prepared myself. It wasn’t pretty to say the least!

First things first I’d book an appointment with your GP well in advanced for a week after your op, this way you have an appointment for them to check your incisions if there isn’t immediate follow up with your surgeon and this also gives you the opportunity to ask your GP what happens next and where they’d like to refer you for your next steps in diagnosing your pain.

I wouldn’t give up, you’re more than welcome to ask for a second referral to a gynaecologist at another hospital for a second opinion but there’s a chance they may say no, in my case they said no and have now referred me to gastro to have a colonoscopy because all my problems are apparently bowel related now, because your bowel causes vaginal bleeding for weeks on end apparently 🙄if this is the case, you may think these tests they may refer you for are wholly unnecessary, in my opinion it’s best to just bite the bullet and have it done so when you go for your second gynaecological opinion you can say I’ve had all this done to me and still nothing been found. This is as far as I’ve gotten, I’m currently waiting for my colonoscopy and quite frankly bricking it because i don’t want it done to be honest, but I know I have to have it done, luckily they’re doing it under sedation, if that shows nothing then I’m hopefully getting referred back to gynae. It’s a long bloody road, but I don’t have a choice but to endure it because I want a name for my pain and a diagnosis on paper!

If your surgeon is a general surgeon there’s a very high chance they may miss patches of endometriosis, ask them before you go down if they’ll be taking images and taking biopsies (my surgeon did neither! Months on I’m frustrated to say the least!) as you could have scattered endo cells and not built up patches, endo presents it’s self in many different ways, shapes and forms,

Fingers crossed that they do find something and you don’t have to go through none of what I’m going through, good luck for your op and if it does come back as nothing, don’t be afraid to message me if you need someone to talk to, always here hun x


Hi first of all sorry your having a hard time. I am having lap on the 8th of Feb and I'm also scared what they will or will not find. I have a uterine polyp to that they will remove via hysteroscopy. I have had horrid bleeding and bad pain for some time and would just like some relief from all the pain. I wish you the best of luck and let us know how you get on xx


I had a lap yesterday with no endo found, consultant believes my issues are bowel related as she reported 'dilated loops of bowel throughout' so i guess it's back to the GP and referral to a different specialist! I'm not sure how i feel right now tbh :-/


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