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Fertility + laparoscopy - what happens next?

I had a laparoscopy in March and they discovered mild endo mainly around the bowel but also on the uterus, which was lasered off. Recovery was fine, and my periods have been a little better and pain during the month has all but disappeared.

We having been continuing to try to conceive since then, but no luck yet. I had a follow up appointment at the hospital at the end of June but it was really unhelpful. The consultant essential typed out what I was saying, didn't let me speak to the actual consultant (yet went to go and see him in the other room to ask a question) and then just left it at 'keep trying and sometimes putting a pillow under your bum helps.' He was even a bit embarrassed about talking about sex which is ridiculous for a gynae!

Anyway, I left feeling like I should have been offered more help. Is there any standard procedure or treatments post-lap to help with fertility?

They've said we can come back in a year to see if we are eligible for IVF but that feels a long way off, and we may not even qualify for NHS treatment.

Anyone been in a similar situation? Do we just really have to keep trying and hoping for the best?

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Have you been offered a HSG test? I recently had a lap and that done the same time? My tubes were clear but they did find stage 4 endo for me and TTC has been the hardest thing ive faced so far :( wish it was easy for us all.. best of luck to you!


Oh yes forgot to say that, they did it at the same time and all was clear.

I'm very aware that the endo grows back so I feel like I should have some more TTC support besides 'just carry on'


Hi there! How long have you been trying to conceive? I have endromestosis and last year October I had a lap and they removed adhesions from a previous op and my tubes were checked and they were clear. I was then given 3 months to try naturally and nothing happened. So in my appointment in February I was offered 4 iui treatments on the nhs as they felt like I could conceive and my endromestosis shouldn't affect it. But after two failed iui's in Feb and may I was then told to move on to ivf. I have my first ivf appointment next month. So am praying I have my treatment before the year ends. I would push for iui if your endromestosis is mild. Also try joining the infertility forum on this site it's really good :)

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It has been two years this month. They seem to think I now don't have infertility so they've almost reset me back to square one before they consider IVF. I haven't thought about IUI though, I will do some research. Thank you x


It just seems like there are wasting time!! How old are you? I am 29 and it's going to be 2 years for me to next month. I would firm with them because on the nhs website it does say that you are eligible for ivf if you have been trying for more than 1 year.unless it's changed x


I'm 32 so I am feeling the time go by a little! I am going to ring the clinic again and if no luck go back to the GP. thanks x


Yes I would defo call back! Research into iui it's not painful and the injections are similar to those for ivf x


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