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What do you find the best pill for endo pain?

Been prescibed Dianette - worked well apart felt very sick for a month initially (due to the anti-androgens) then had from occasional pains and lots of blood clots (for a year). Was changed to Marvelon yet have constant period pain (yet no bleeding which is a bonus- been on it 2mths). Is there an 'ideal' back to back pill for endo or is everyone different? Is Yasmin better? Or is a contraceptive injection better? What do you find?

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Everyone is different! It's been trial and error for me...

I started on Dianette, which was fantastic and I stayed on it for 5 years with no problems, but when I moved and changed GPs they weren't happy with me being on it for so long so we started experimenting with other pills!

I tried Cilest, and Levest, neither of which worked for me, and now I'm in my second month of Cerazette (POP), which appears to be going well.

I've learnt along the way to take my time talking with my GP, and refuse to be rushed! It's an important decision and you need to know as much about what you'll be taking as possible. Also take time to explain how the different pills make you feel (physically and emotionally) so that the doctor can make a more informed decision about your prescription...


Thanks Embo - I was hoping that the docs were savvy on the doses of different pills but it seems like a lucky dip!


BTW I googled and discovered it. It is an interesting run thru of pills. Yasmin seems to come out well across most tables. wdxcyber.com/ncontr13.htm


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