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Contraceptive Pill for endometriosis - what is the best one that doesn't make you put on weight?


What is the best one that doesn't make you put on weight? I have been on Dianette since November after my Lap and have put on more than half a stone. I am only 5ft 2, so I can't afford to put this weight on..... Any suggestions! I have an appointment with the Nurse this evening to see if she can suggest anything for me as it's really getting me down! I can't fasten my jeans and a bigger size is too big! Otherwise the pain is much better and the emotion has significantly reduced, I just want my waist line back....:-)

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Studies have indicated that the pill alone does not cause weight gain.

Here is an unbiased look at those studies

I have always thought that the reason many women believe that the pill makes them put on weight is because of increased appetite. I know I ate more when I was on the pill.

Thats just my theory though...


I have endometriosis and have been put on microgynon- this may be because I am limited to what I can take due to migraines. Happily I've not had any weight gain but can't say I've seen any changes in symptoms either. Sorry not very helpful but wanted to reassure you that the pill doesn't necessarily mean weight gain :)

I'm on microgynon, I've been ok on that, weight has been up and down the past year, not pill related, more age and endo operation and illness xx

I was on Loestrin (as Microgynon didn't agree with me) and found it didn't cause me any weight gain and was recommended to me by a gynocologist saying it could help as lower in oestrogen levels. Hope you find something that suits you soon.

Hello, I too was on Loestrin 20 I found it helped with my symptoms and I didn't put weight on with it. Hope you find one that agrees with you!

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