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Does the pill stop endo pain for anyone?

I am currently ready for Ivf but whilst saving the money for the procedure I am on the pill back to back. I thought this would relieve all my pain however I still have breakthrough bleeding, severe breast pain, extreme fatigue and endo pains (not severe but they are constantly niggling).

Should my endo not be 'asleep'??

All advice appreciated


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Sorry to hear the pain hasn't stopped, can i ask which pill your currently taking? As i was prescribed Micronor, and i have found unless i take 2 a day instead of 1, then i have exactly the same as you, but i have a period at least twice a month, and its horrendously painful!

Emma Xx


I take microgynon 30 and it does nothing for me. I'm always in awful pain ): x



I am on Yasmin and before my endo Yasmin's suited my body fine but now I'm thinking I should change pill type. Did your doctor tell you the pill should put your endo asleep?am now feeling very low that's nothing helps with the pain and symptoms of endo xx


Ive recently just started talking it, and its help my pain, but the pain is still there, but not as strong! Hope that helps :)) x


Ok thank you girls. Unfortunately nothing helps us :( xx


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