What pain relief do you use? Also, sickness with endo?

I'm back off to the doctors tomorrow to have a bit of a chat re my endo. I've got a mirena coil in which has helped lessen the heaviness of periods but I'm struggling with such chronic back, hip/pelvic and leg pain that codeine and ibroprufen aren't helping. I work and am looking for some ideas on what else I could ask doctor for to help with the pain relief.

Also....I've suffered immense sickness over the last two weeks. Barely been able to keep anything down food wise. Anyone else have this problem?

Since having my first lap surgery I'm now suffering pain/bloating more: one week during ovulation and second week during period. Anyone else? Having to keep things really plain and dull food wise during this as I've discovered symptoms worsen otherwise.

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  • Was about to post similar. Having a bad spell - been on pain pills since Friday and yesterday Tramadol and ibuprofen and paracetomol combo didn't solve it. Saw urgent care this morning who gave me a shot of Diclofenac to take swelling down and prescribed me with Naproxen and said they were surprised my GP had only tried pain meds but no anti-inflammatories. Diclofenac has lifted quite a bit of pain so hoping the Naproxen does too.

  • Diclofenac sounds like the way to go for me I think, but will chat to doc xx

  • Hi, I take morthine sulphate 12 hour release, and paracetamol, was given naproxen, but can't take due to bruising, ive also phoned my docs this morning to get phone consultation, as my pain killers do nothing when really bad like this week, Ive doubled mine from 20 to 40 in the evenings at min, not sure that I should of but its that or a&e.

    Hope u find the right thing for you. Xxx

  • Hi hun

    I'm taking codeine, Tramadol and I have been described Oramorph today as my pain is unbearable today, is the the sickness due to your pain relief? Tramadol makes me feel very nauseated though it is better if I have eaten a normal portion of food but the problem is I normally don't want to eat when pains bad.

    Yes I'm getting more days where I'm really swollen and uncomfortable in my tummy.

    I seem to be living on cereal at the moment I have been being really good eating lots if fruit and vegetables buy haven't been able to stomach it the last few days x

  • No sadly the sickness is down to endo. It comes on very very suddenly, and I don't have time therefore to take an antisickness tablet as it comes on too quickly. My last bout of sickness lasted nearly 10 days, and exhausted me.

    I have to steer clear of red meat - spaghetti bolognese seems to really bring on symptoms as does any takeaway curries. x

  • I get nausea sickness with my endo, especially when on my period. Im awaiting my Lap. I can't eat much or keep certain foods without getting bad acidity or vomiting, while abroad I was given suppository (olfen),because I kept throwing up & other meds didn't work. I consulted my private Gyno here, she said the suppositories are fine to use. The relief I get is vey quick and it also helps with the tailbone (coccyx) pains that I get. So, ask your GP for advice on this.

    I wish you the best! x

  • So sorry to hear how much pain you ladies are in. I've been there and it's horrendous.

    As far as it goes for sickness, yes I used to have that a lot. The worst thing is having pain at the same time. If you can't keep painkillers down you're in a horrific catch 22. Do ask your doctor about anti-sickness tablets. I felt they helped a bit sometimes if I took them at the first sign of nausea. Any later and they were useless. The only thing that worked properly for me was the anti-sickness injections I received whilst in hospital. I'm lucky at least that my Endo seems to have changed a bit and the bad pain and sickness is pretty much limited to 4 days a month. At the first sign of nausea I nibble at Caesar salad. God knows why it works for me but it often does. I read that lettuce is a slight sedative so maybe that's why it helps calm my stomach. I also sip lemonade and nibble on ginger biscuits and plain crackers. Ginger tea helps some people.

    As far as the bloating goes, I was shocked how much it calmed down when I cut out wheat and gluten. I don't particularly like eating gluten free bread but I went from looking 6 months pregnant to a flat stomach almost instantly.

    For me, tramadol makes me feel very sick. Codeine not much better. I've found anti-inflammatory drugs to be the most gentle on my stomach as long as I can manage to eat a bit of food first. In my experience they don't knock the pain quite enough tho.

    Take care. I really hope your doctor can prescribe something that helps and you get some respite. Xx

  • Thanks. Will have a good chat (as well as I can with my 3 year old with me!) with the doctor. I need something to help with the pain. I've spent the last four mornings - 630am having to take codeine and ibroprufen just to help nuke my chronic back and pelvic pain into touch for a bit. Some mornings the painkillers haven't helped. x

  • My sickness is down to endo. It comes on very very suddenly, and I don't have time therefore to take an antisickness tablet as it comes on too quickly. My last bout of sickness lasted nearly 10 days, and exhausted me.

    I have to steer clear of red meat - spaghetti bolognese seems to really bring on symptoms as does any takeaway curries. x

  • The doctor (a different lady doc) was incredibly understanding and said that with the merina coil I should not be having periods (they're not light, and they're not as heavy as they were) so she thinks that my endo hasn't settled properly. She's given me some tablets to stop my periods happening - norethisterone - to be taken twice a day. I'm due on around the 18th. Haven't noticed any chance in my endo symptoms yet - still pain and bloat happening - but from reading the phamplet inside the medication box these tablets are used to help endo sufferers. Going back next Thursday to see her to review if a good start or not.

  • I had a Mirena after a lap 2 years ago. I had it removed at just over 2 months as I had spotting every day, some days heavier than others and it was just a pain. I have just changed my pill and when talking it over with the nurse she looked at my history and asked about Mirena and when I told her of my problems she said she had removed so many because of spotting and unpredictability she doesn't recommend them any more.

    Bad news is that the Naproxen has begun to irritate my stomach - feels burny like when I had gastritis so I have stopped those now. Trying Ibuprofen. My handbag looks like I am some sort of pill addict/dealer!

  • As I have a history of high blood pressure I'm limited to two pills contraception wise, and both made my sickness even worse. I think my period's come today, slight red stream when I just went to the ladies, and just had to take a combination of ibro and codeine as the pain in my abdo and hips/legs had intensified. That's made me feel sick, so had to take an antisickness tab too. And my handbag pretty much resembles yours!! I need to carry my medication with me, just in case. I might have an interesting bag search on my hands at the weekend as I'm an official Rugby World Cup Pack volunteer and it's our first meet...I'm not leaving any of it at home in case I need it!

  • I'm booked to go to Vegas in the summer so Customs may be interesting! I'm also uninsured for any form of abdominal pain as I don't yet have a diagnosis.

    I won't leave home without a range of meds. If I just walk to the local shop I take stuff as you never know!

  • I'm the same. Even a walk to the end of the street for me can trigger symptoms off so completely with you on that x spoke to the doctor just now as it appears my period has started a little, and am upping the medication to kick it into touch. Have spent most of the morning at my desk at work in agony and doped up on painkillers. easing now but just feeling wiped out.

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