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What do people find best for pain relief?


So I’m waiting on laparoscopy to find out if I definitely have endometriosis, but really struggling with the pelvic and back pains just now. Take the combined pill with no breaks, take strong ibuprofen and paracetamol and currently lying with a hot water bottle on my stomach. What do people find is the best pain relief for pelvic pain?

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Doctors gave me 500g co codamol I found it more effective.

Have you tried switching to progesterone pill only? After years of suffering I found this did help better than the combined pill.

Scottoe in reply to Thompson36

Have been on microgynon for about 14 years and up until the last couple of years has been really effective. Hadn’t even thought about switching pills tbh but will mention it to GP next time I see her xx

My GP prescribed me Pregabalin for pain relief (usually used for epilepsy) and it has really worked! It doesn’t have an immediate effect as it takes a couple weeks to build up in your system but honestly it has made a huge difference. Hopefully it will work for you too 🤞🏻 xx

Scottoe in reply to Lauramcg1

I’ve tried all those kinda tablets, gabapentin, amitriptyline etc but they didn’t work or the side effects were too bad that it wasn’t worth taking them 👎🏼 Xx

I have been prescribed codeine as I can't take NSAID'S. It works well and it helps me to sleep.

Scottoe in reply to Bubble_by

I’ve got tramadol now which seems to be taking the edge off the pain (well enough to actually function). Hoping it helps me get a decent sleep as everything always feels so much worse when you’re sleep deprived xx

I take co codamol full strength with 1000 paracetamol and 60 codeine. They help with the pain to an extent however I found using that with a heat pad really helped.

I will warn it affects everyone differently and does make me feel even more nauseous on top of nausea from the endo

Scottoe in reply to Anon1846

Got some tramadol from GP and it’s taken the edge off the pain enough for me to actually function 🎉🎉. Also take anti nausea medication already for horrendous nausea I’ve had for years. Didn’t know that was another symptom/side effect of endo - more stuff is clicking that it’s more than likely endo! xx

I take diflofenic suppositories an co-dydramol

I've switched from ibuprofen to naproxen as it was wearing off too quickly. Naproxen is longer acting. After a bad attack id use a volterol ( dicolfenic) suppository, they are great at knocking out back pain. You can't take them both though as they are the same drug group. A tens machine can also distract you from the pain for a bit.

I can’t take naproxen as it really irritates my stomach 👎🏼. Bought a tens machine and trying it out for the first time just now. Will literally try anything for some relief. Also got stronger opioids from GP and they’ve kicked in already. Really hoping for a quick appt for surgery! xx

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