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New symptom

Hi everyone, the past week iv noticed a new symptom iv been having I'm not sure if it's to do with endo or anyone else has had a similar experience, but if I am laying in bed and go to turn over a bit to suddenly I get a shooting pain in my stomach and pelvic region It really is agonising and leaves me in quiet a lot of pain for some time. I have to make sure I move to carefully. Has anyone else had anything similar, is it endo or something different?

Thanks everyone in advance xx

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Hi, yes I often get this sort of pain! I always go to sleep on my left but somehow end up on my right side most nights. When I go to roll over half asleep and do it too quick it hurts so bad. I do find that once I'm back on my left side that it eases a little. I don't know if it's endo related or not but I've made the assumption mine probably is.

Mention it at your next appointment with gynaecologist x


Hi hunni :)

Just a thought that maybe it could be an adhesion that is pulling as you move? I get this sometimes if I stretch or move & also a pulling pain when trying to go for a number 2 located mainly on my right side xx

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Hi thank you so much I never thought of that I'm exactly the same when going to the toilet with the right side pain! When I have my lap hopefully that will provide the answers! Thanks so much for the help and advice I really appreciate it. Hope your all well xx


You are very welcome hunni!

I hope you get all the answers you need too!

Hope your surgery goes well & im as best as can be with this stupid disease haha thank you xxx


Like others I feel it's adhesions. They are the bane of my life I'm in terrible pain with them, the more I have them removed the more they grow back - I have my bowel adhered to my baginal vault, my ovarian remnant attached to colon and baginal vault, my ovary and a mass before removal was attached to the my rectum - hateful disease and what is sad is how we have ops to cure us but end up a lot worse - take care x


Not baginal but vaginal haha xx


I used to experience this pain a lot before my lap. It is not as bad as before but i still get times when I cannot move or if I'm walking I'll get a similar pain as well.


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