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Back pain

Hi all,

I have written on here before about my back pain but since then it's got significantly worse. The gynaecologist thought it wasn't related to my endo so she sent me back to the gp who sent me for an X-ray. Unsurprisingly the X-Ray came back normal. I am convinced the pain is endo related. The doctor today said that it's probably just a 'bad back'.

I am waiting for a laparoscopy any time now. In the meantime work, driving and doing things round the house is becoming very difficult for me. I feel as though no one believes me when I describe how much pain I'm in because as the gp pointed out I am 'only 23' .

Just wondered if anyone had experienced a similar thing or had any advice.

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Hi, I get back pain particularly lower. I have endo on my uterosacral ligament. Endometriosis can cause back pain. Hopefully you will get more answers after your laproscopy.


Back pain is terrible and can be related to endo as I've had the unfortunate fortune to find out. X-rays don't always show the reasons for the pain but the lap should do. I could recommend Naproxen pain relief which you can get on prescription- very powerful and can help until your lap..

Best wishes


I am also 'only 23' (got told all this too when I said about back) I had terrible pain in my back before my lap 4 weeks ago.. they removed a lot of endo and all the pain I had before is still there except the pains in my back! So I know its definitely 100% to do with endo for me.. good luck!


Hi Rebecca09!

Sorry to here you are getting bad back pain. I have always had lower back ache for as long as I can remember and always put it down to being larger chested, sleeping funny or exercise.... I had a lap in July and no-one expanded on why I get lower back pain.

I had the mirena coil fitted 3 weeks ago and was my womb tilts backwards and this is about 20% if women. When I looked this up online it said it can be genetic or it can be caused due to endometriosis and other conditions. A tilted womb can also cause back pains...

I am assuming this is why I get that but only discovered from the doctor who fitted the coil that I had this. Maybe it's worth you asking if your womb tilts back?

And again I am "only 24", yes us young girls should perhaps be fighting fit but when you have problems like this it does still effect us as we're all human beings at the end of the day! X



It's easy when your young to get fobbed off by the Dr, it's ridiculous, age has nothing to do with it!! Pain is pain, and Drs know that anyone any age can be diagnosed with problems that cause them tremendous pain,

I suggest you write down all your symptons and discuss them with your Dr, consultant, whoever you will be seeing, keep a note of everything, it's important as you need to get to the bottom of this.

I have chronic back pain, but I have a herniated disc in my back as well as deterioration of my lower discs, as well as chronic stomach pain, even tho I had my laparoscopy in February, to remove endometriosis and also fit the Mirena coil.

I've still got terrible pain in my groin and left leg, which I had before my laparoscopy .

The gynaey consultant I saw a few weeks ago, thinks that the pain I have is related to the bowels. The scan I had after I saw her showed it could be endometriosis again as they couldn't see my left ovaries as they were stuck behind my womb.

I think its endometriosis as I have all the pain I had previously, but I do understand now after talking to the GP yesterday that the bowel could be responsible for causing pain in the back as well, so it's trial and error for the Drs at this stage as they need to try and locate the source of your pain, but a laparoscopy is definitely a good way of finding out what's going on,. Anyway, hopefully your get some answers after your laparoscopy .

It's very frustrating when you're always in pain, but don't give up.

I wish you well.

Lisa xx


Hi Rebecca

Like many of the other ladies, I too suffer with back pain. I have been diagnosed with endo as well as sciatica but have been told by a physio there was nothing they could do for me. I stopped taking meds as I was worried that one day I would become immune or even addicted so I try and live with it. Some days its so bad I can barely walk. I had to give up my dreams of being a fitness instructor. I have noticed that on the days that my back is sorer, I bleed more so I definitely think they are linked. Also if I have to "bear down" when going to the toilet, I bleed more.

I was recently on holiday and had very little back pain and no bleeding, work that one out!! Anyway after years of this I have asked for a referral to an MRI centre which I paying for myself as the Xray I had years ago didn't show anything up either. Even if they do say its a problem with sciatica and have disc problems, I have been told that there is still nothing they can do about it apart from operate and that's a last resort.

I feel your pain and frustration. Until men get this, nothing will get done about it ;) Take care x

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I'm sure it's related to the overall pelvic pain - if you can link the back pain starting around the time you started the other endo type issues. I never used to have lower back pain, but then I also never used to have a retroverted uterus (the womb tilted backwards). I have both now. I'm waiting for a lap in November. If you have an ultrasound they can see if the uterus is retroverted. In my case as I had other gynae problems as a child and young adult, I know that I didn't have a retroverted utuerus before I started having the endo type pains. Since those pains all ultrasounds show a retroverted and they have to do a transvaginal one to be able to see anything. As the retroverted uterus flops back towards the spine instead of towards the front/bladder, I think it makes sense that it might cause back pain. Endometriosis can cause the retroversion.


I get it to it's taken me a very long time but I'm now awaiting an MRI colonoscopy endoscopy!

You know the truth just keep pushing maybe try a different gp. X



I am so sorry that your in so much pain. I am to 24 and believe me I know exactly how you feel :( ! Its awful. I am actually on the couch with the heating pad on my left side and back. It has to be endo related. What other symptoms do you have right now?


Hi thanks for everyone responding. It makes me feel a bit better to know others have experienced the same thing. My back pain is becoming excruciating following bleeding, which started on the weekend. Can't wait til my opp, crazy as that sounds x


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