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Does Endo give u back pain?

Hi All

I was diagnosed with endo in 2017 following problems conceiving. They told me endo is mild to moderate and then never mentioned it again! I have a 2cm endo on my right ovary.

All my life I have severe lower back pain. Lower back muscles seem to throb with a dull pain. I thought this was normal. I also get very bloated easily. I have asked for NHS support but having been waiting for an appointment since January . They keep pushing it back. I was wondering if this is endo causing the back pain. I currently have three cysts on my ovaries too. But the lower back pain has been there since early 20's.

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Yes!! Absolutely and none is getting worse. Also tiredness. The back is worse than anything for me x ☹️


Thank you. I just thought I'd experience endo pain at the front which I never have. I'm calling the hospital again today to see what their doing about my appointment. I just can't live in this constant pain.

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I know I feel in always taking zapain for my back pain it’s not good!! Good luck


Yep, I experience lower back pain pretty much everyday, even now after having a total hysterectomy last year. Like you I was diagnosed in 2017, after bad periods, pelvic pain, unable to conceive for many years. I’ve still got my ovaries but they could only ablate the endo on the right to keep healthy tissue. So I think that is why I’m still getting the back pain and pelvic pain as before. Sorry it’s not the most most positive reply, but you are definitely not suffering alone. Hope it get better for you 😊


YES!!! Everything you describe will cause that pain. The cysts will give you grief too. The worst pain I've felt (up there past child birth) was having a chocolate cyst burst. Still remember that one vividly! Hope you can get help soon. x


It's so frustrating trying to get gyne to take me seriously. My appointment keeps being pushing back and every time I speak to the receptionist she just says I should make a formal complaint.


I hope you get seen soon. Came across an awesome facebook page last night that is like a library on endometriosis called Nancy's Nook. They have a wealth of information. Maybe you having your appointment pushed back is a blessing in disguise. From what I'm reading ablation is not a cure for endo and can make it worse. It needs to be cut out. It maybe time to do some more research and find someone who knows the best way to treat and manage it.

good luck. x


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