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Cervical stenosis.. scared and shocked

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So after what was thought to be a large cyst in my womb turned out to be a womb full of blood and clots. Consultant tried to do a smear and biopsies. I bled out everywhere. 🤦‍♀️ He says I have cervical stenosis and is worried why. He says something has caused it and it could be something sinister. Red flag referral for a ... cant remember what it's called, essentially a magnified look up at my cervix... and yes he mentioned cancer. I'm in bits.

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I just read your post and I have to say I’m afraid I don’t know anything about cervical stenosis but I just wanted to say I’m so sorry you’re going through this. Hearing the word cancer is always scary, as is a red flag referral, even if nothing is confirmed yet. I’m sending you lots of luck and all my best wishes and really hope that you can look back on this as a false alarm xx

Thank you, yes I hope so too. There are so many ladies and gents going through this, I feel bad for going into a state of panic just now. I just cant help it. You just never think this could be how things go for you. I guess I just have to buckle.up for the ride and get on with it x

No don’t feel bad at all, I’m sure most people would panic in this situation - I know I would, it’s inevitable I think. Please don’t punish yourself for that. I know what you mean - it suddenly goes from feeling more abstract to very real. If it helps you please do let us know how you get on. No pressure to of course xx

I will of course update! If anything it may help someone else. X

That’s such a good point and such a selfless thought. My messages are always open should you want to chat 💙

Shammy ❤️Just wanted to send you tons of love and support

I hope you don’t have to wait too long for more answers.

I’m not surprised you’re in bits it’s such a shock...but always know you’re not alone in this and we’re all here to get you through this uncertain time.

Really wish you all the luck in the world

Just know I’m always here if you do need a chat sweets!it can be quite lonely waiting for these results.

Much much love to you!❤️

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Thank you my lovely. Tonnes of different emotions going on right now, I just keep looking at my 4kids and hubby and thinking why do they have to go through this. Need to pull myself out of this bottomless pit x

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Babes..I feel you!Sending a HUGE 🤗 HUGIt’s going to be ok..wow 4 children,all my love goes out to them too

It really isn’t fair..and the thought of you and your loved ones feeling any emotional pain destroys me.

It’s ok to feel angry and confused right now..it’s a lot to take in.

You will find your inner strength I just know it!


Take this time to think and digest the news and then you can focus on fighting this!

I’m routing for you Shammy!❤️✨❤️✨❤️

You're such a sweetheart. You made me smile. Thank you x

Sorry to hear you are going through this Shammy. I have no experience so can’t offer anything useful other than wishing you the best of luck. Trying to take each day at a time might help you to feel less overwhelmed. I wish you the best of luck for the days ahead. Big hugs too x

Hi Shammy. Feeling for your with the upset and shock and the not knowing. I've looked up cervical stenosis and there seems to be several possible causes, including infection, so it may well not be anything to panic about much. On the other hand, your doctor has mentioned the possible cancer. My Mum developed symptoms last year and they diagnosed her with womb cancer. They said it was a rare, fast growing and a grade 3 (grades are different to stages), so we felt the pressure. Due to the type of cancer she had a hysterectomy and a bit of radiation therapy and is now cancer free. Most cancer of the womb apparently is usually a slow growing type and they are very treatable. One thing we did as soon as we had the diagnosis, is to change her diet. Sugary, unhealthy foods went out of the window. She drank some ginger tea (look it up) and ate lots of healthy foods and the cancer didn't travel to any other organs. We looked up anti cancer foods. She's now recovered and looking well. I know several people who've had cancer and even with poor prognosis, have recovered and doing well. The thing with the womb and cervix, they are more isolated organs, so it's different from some other cancers in that respect. I will be praying for you today. Sending love and hugs your way X

Thank you! Yes I'm having a good talk with myself and trying to get me head out of negative thinking. Its tricky but I'm trying. You're prayers are very much appreciated

Ah, it's not easy, but just take it one day at a time. I'm guessing you're being sent for a CT scan or MRI. Do you have a date for that yet?

No word of that as of now, just reference for the procedure that takes a magnified look at my cervix, everything was a bit messy when the consultant was trying to look. He did a smear and a biopsy. I think he managed those ok ? Like I said though it got very messy.

Sorry to hear that. I hope you will get seen soon. The waiting is the hardest I think, but taking things a day at a time can help xx

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