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Cyst growing and blood test raised, now been told iv endo

Hi, wonder if anyone can explain to me .. I was told last nov 2012, that iv a cyst on my left ovary, and it was 5cm, but because my c section was attached to my bowel, the consultant said to leave well alone!! as the cyst was non maligment. I also asked if I had endo he says he wasn't sure... anyway my c125 test gone from 48 to 148 so today they've said y cyst has grown to 5.5cm and that he(different consultant) feels it needs to go and iv got endo all over my womb and thinks its attached to scar n bowels.. an that my womb neck has? im totally confused again I feel i was pushed outta off room quickly . at end of talk he said so wht do you wanna do.. he said its a big op n high chance ill have to be opened up n may cut bowel??? guess I should be happy cyst not cancerous but im confused, he said come back in two wks with my decision??? iv no one to talk too as im single and feel so teary, to top this im on a temp contract till Nov 2014 , n ill have to tell agency, how the hell am I gonna pay mortgage so confused n teary my heads gonna pop..sorry I know I shouldn't moan but whos gonna look after my kids if im in hospital ones disabled .. how long will I be in if I am opened up?? how long am I off work ?? think consultant thinks I may need ovary off and try and cut endo out?? please help, please tell me what to expect x

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Oh gosh you poor thing I wish I could help. What a huge desicion, I can't believe they've sent you away to think about this. It sounds like you need the op, endo can cause so much suffering. I have severe stage 4 and frozen pelvis, seeing my consultant tomorrow to discuss everything from my lap last week. Maybe speak to the consultant and explain your situation (sometimes it helps to have a bit of a breakdown in front of them for them to help). He needs to explain to you if you absolutely need this op. Sounds like they should have done it back along when it wasn't as bad. Do your agency give any form of sick leave? I am guessing not, you could also ring your mortgage company and see if you could get a payment break while you are out of action. Some companies offer this. Do you have any family or friends that maybe don't live close but could come and stay to help with the kids. Also is there any help available to you with your disabled child. Sorry i know what i've said is probably of know help at all but if you need to talk or just vent feel free to send a message. I really wish i had the answers for you.x


Also with your mortgage if you can't do a payment break you could if you are on repayment ask to temporarily change to interest only which could dramatically reduce your payments for a few months. Some companies allow this in certain circumstances. (i work in mortgages). I would hope you would be entitled to some benefits along the way aswell.xx


You poor girl, you shouldn't have to be dealing with this alone.

I had a 5x5x6cm cyst attached to my right ovary which was removed at the end of Sept. this year, along with the ovary (I'm 47 and the male consultant felt I could do without it).

It was done via day surgery keyhole which requires a general anaesthetic, and while in there they removed lesions, probably caused as the result of an emergency C-section 15 years ago.

I was up and about within a couple of hours of the op. and home by mid-afternoon. BUT there are certain things you will not be able to do like drive, vaccuum, lift the kettle and pick up anything heavier than about 1lb for at least a week afterwards.

You will need to find someone who can help you out for about a week. The worst post-op symptom is tiredness and you should have an afternoon nap as a minimum.

I took a week off work and then was able to work from home for another week. I started driving again after a week.

If you decide to do open surgery your time in hospital is likely to be around 3 days but your post-op recovery time will be at least double that for keyhole. It'll be like having a C-section again. You'll need at least 2 weeks of doing very little and then another 2 weeks of take it easy time.

Your age and general health is a key indicator of how long you take to recover.

You do have some control over when they do the op. - try and arrange for it to be as soon after Christmas as possible when things are often quieter and people have more time to help you.

If you don't get paid by your agency (even though you are on a lengthy contract) you must be entitled to state sick pay. Contact the DSS for advice on this and your mortgage provider to inform them that you might need a payment holiday of one month.

Good luck with it!

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Alley, the main concern here is the cyst. If it bursts it's going to bloody hurt (putting it mildly) and there's the potential for infection. That really needs to be dealt with especially as it's growing. It's already big so this might not be possible but given your circumstances, I'm wondering if they could put you on Zoladex injections to see if they will zap the cyst. I had one pop up from nowhere a couple of years ago, it had got itself to 4 centimetres before I knew it was there. Like you, I have endo all over and any operation now is going to be big so I need to avoid surgery if at all possible - my gynae put me on to 6 months of Zoladex, I went back at the end and the cyst had completely gone. As I say, your cyst may be too big now, but it's worth asking if it's an option. Your surgeon probably doesn't know that you're all on your own with kiddies to look after - in a perfect world it would be nice to go in and have a big clear out but that's clearly not going to work practically for you.

Are you in a lot of pain on a day to day basis, or can you cope with it? As I said, the cyst needs to be dealt with, but as for the rest of it the first consultant was right, it's probably best to leave well alone. You don't HAVE to have anything done - they might think it's advisable, but I bet they're not going to come to your house to look after you and the children afterwards....

Take care and if you have any more questions post in here. You're not on your own. And if you want to, make an appointment with your GP before the two weeks is up so you can discuss everything with him/her, it might help you feel less teary.

Lots of love

Chrissie xxx


Hiya, I was in the same position (agency work with mortgage). Good news though - mortgage company accepted photocopies of my sick notes from my GP, which then enabled me to have payment break on mortgage as sickness insurance policy covered it and I did receive SSP pay throughout my time off work. Hope this is of help to you xx

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Thank you for your support:-) kind words


Do you have any family that could help too?


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