Cervical stenosis?!

Had an ultrasound today as my nurse couldn't locate my coil and I had had issues with periods and pain over January. During the scan the nurse said I had fluid round my coil and said he has never seen that before (didn't fill me with confidence) he then had to perform the internal scan and he indicated it looks like I might have cervical stenosis where the cavity of my cervix is very narrow almost closed?! He has referred me back to the Gynae. Has anyone else been through this and if so what happened?

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  • Yes I had cervical stenosis. Didn't know until after my diagnostic lap, where they tried to do a hysteroscopy but couldn't because of it.

    I've since had a hysterectomy so no more cervix.

  • I had a hysteroscopy in June and August before and they didn't find anything. Do you know how I managed to get it within a year? What was your other options to help the CS?

  • I had the hysterectomy for severe stage 4 endo so it was never discussed. Sorry I can't be more help.

  • It's okay thank you :)

  • I had it (have it? Not sure how it works). The surgeon was able to dilate my cervix during a hysteroscopy. I was led to believe that would help matters - we are trying to get pregnant.

  • They thought I might have that too but when I've read up on it it seems that if you're very tense/stressed then it can close up and that won't necessarily be stenosis. When someone's been poking around and telling you about problems just before doing an internal then maybe this is what happened?

    No idea about the fluid though, sorry x

  • Ps then when I had a laparoscopy and was under general, the consultant also performed a hysteroscopy and was able to pass a camera through my cervix with no problems because I was under general and knew nothing about it! She dilated it anyway and I'm hopeful that I might be able to have an easier egg transfer on my next Ivf round ... last time I had to be sedated as my cervix is at a funny angle and it took them ages, which made me stressed and meant they couldn't get through!

  • Thank you for this! I'm hoping this is what's happened.. because like I said it was only last June I had coil fitted and there was no issues. good luck on your IVF

  • If they've managed to fit a coil then I'd say it's unlikely to be stenosis in my (entirely non medical) opinion! I can't imagine managing that... there are several experienced nurses and even a doctor who haven't been able to get through my cervix and I don't have stenosis! And from what I read, I don't think it is usually a sudden onset condition. Again, non medical opinion!!

  • Yeah I read upon it and I thought same!! Obviously the doctor has just assumed.... 🤔

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