Good Morning ladies this is my first post 4 wks ago I was diagnosed with stage 4 endometriosis worse they have seen for 20 years my whole lower organs and outer womb if fully engulfed I have half a kidney that functions so need two stents put in my kidneys 10cm of my bowel taken out and reconstructed and a full historectomy I have to go to hospital at least once a week and it is freaking me out the longer it takes I know I can not back out but just need to talk to you lovely ladies who understand I know my husband is very supportive but he doesn't understand fully x

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Hi - are you in the UK and if so what area?

yes I am from Essex area

Is it a specialised endo centre (BSGE) that is treating you or a general hospital and if a general hospital are they referring you on to a specialist centre for surgery?

Yes the surgeon is a huge endo specialist and the bowel surgeon is the best in his game to I have to say I have had lots of procedures in the last few weeks and they are working fast to get together to do the surgery asap as the damage is intense and still growing blood pressure going up and constant headaches but I am terrified of needles x

The most important thing is that you are in the right place and things are moving quickly. Keep us informed as to how it goes. x

Where about in Essex, I'm in Southend, are you under a bsge specialist centre, at Colchester ??

yes I am in Colchester

Been to see my consultant today was told the surgery procedure I will be in surgery 9 hrs and intensive care for 2/3 days I can not get my head round it I know I will have 3 surgeons in doing different things but I need it to sink in and it is but panic mode is setting in x

Having three specialist surgeons is a good thing - better than a gynea and a general surgeon trying their best - and I hope it all goes smoothly! I had a renal, colorectal and gynea/endo specialits operating on me the last time I had excision surgery (2012). My bowel was tethered, but didn't need resection. One ureter tube up to the kidney was engulfed etc and just a general mess of adhesions, tethered diaphram etc.. I made quite a quick recovery after all that, so I hope that will be the case for you too, best of luck! X

It is normal to worry about things that we have no control over yet effecting us greatly. Try to think positively. You are receiving expert care in a planned way. In a few weeks/ months time, you will be better than ever. Try to treat yourself before hands and get something nice (expensive face cream etc) to use while recovery.

All the best x

I hope it all goes well for you Hun! Stay strong and hope for the best. Try n rest before the surgery and think positive. I had sugery last year where I was in sugery for over 8 hours and stents where put in my kidney tubes for 3 months and then removed, I'm not going say it's easy but time will help u heal. Wishing you the best of luck xxxx

Thank you so much I have my pre op day next week I just keep freaking out about going to sleep and not waking up I can deal with the other surgery as we all do but its the needles and going to sleep and the thought of saying by to hubby on a Thursday and not cing him till the sunday freaky .xxx

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