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2 months post op and still not feeling better!

I had laparoscopic surgery end of October to remove my right ovary and Fallopian tube, plus a choc cyst removed on left side and adhesions removed. I had complications 1week after surgery,my bladder went into retention and I ended up back in hospital for 3days,due to extreme pain and needing to rely on a catheter (for 2wks after I came out of hospital). I had an outpatient appt 3wks later,but the Dr refused to answer why my bladder went into retention, saying that's in the past..forget about it!

I wanted to go back on zoladex but he refused and put me back on the pill continuously for 3months And said the zoladex isn't great for long term use due to risk of osteoporosis in the future - I've only been on a 4month cycle and it was the only thing that helped control my pain.

Anyway I digress, my stomach is still very swollen and tender and I'm so tired and nauseous, I still find wearing leggings uncomfortable,due to the waistband! I've been off work for 2months and thought I'd be able to return by now ( I was told that recovery time is normally 8 weeks) every time I try to carry something (shopping etc),even do simple things, like wash up,it feels like my muscles are straining in my stomach and my belly bloats even more,I feel nauseous and need to have a rest!

I'm only 32,but I feel like an old woman, I've had blood tests done to rule out anaemia but they came back negative.

I just wondered if anyone else has been through the same? And how long it took you to recover fully enough to return to work?

Plus any ideas why I'm still in pain and bloated?

Sorry for all the questions,but it's all getting me down.

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Hi there. You poor thing, that all sounds very uncomfortable. I had my second lap at the beginning of December where they ended up having to remove my left ovary and fallopian tube because it was the same place that several large chocoate cysts had formed again. I was off work for 2 weeks, returned just before Christmas, but everyone is different plus you had the bladder complication.

I know that endo sufferers are usually more susceptible to other 'nether region' conditions like IBS, interstitial cystitis, etc. It may be worth looking at your diet and keeping a diary as to how things effect you. I was recommended a FODMAP diet where you cut back on certain foods and eat more of others. I also suffer from bladder and bowel problems as I have patches of endo on my bladder and my bowel is stuck to my uterus (so may need a bigger op further down the line, I'm only 38). But since being prescribed a small dose of amitryptyline in the evenings my symptoms have improved, i.e. very little pain and greatly reduced visits to the loo, so this maybe something to explore. I would definitely recommend you go back to your doctor or specialist as life is too short to be in that much discomfort. Hope you find some relief and quickly x


Hey you sound like you are going through it right now :-(

I've just had a hysterectomy and it's taken three weeks to get back into one of the pairs of trousers I had before and I'm still not happy about some of the others. I have read that it is common to get swelling after the surgery and some have said it takes months to go and is worse after exercise or moving around. I know this isn't the op you had but it might be the reason you are getting these symptoms. I hope you recover and are up and about soon x


If a doctor told me to forget about symptoms they are in the past, I would probably punch him in the face and the then find another doctor. Im 49 and and had a complete hysterectomy when I was 24. After of course 5 surgeries in 5 years and 2 idiot male doctors. Finally found a woman doctor that knew the disease. Its a big red flag if your doctor is treating you that way. Find another doctor so you can find answers. He obviously doesnt know what he is doing. Im sorry you are in pain. I was told not to lift anything for 6 weeks. Becareful about that. I hope your pain ends soon.


Thank you JuCeb, I have endo on my bowel too and just escaped having a bowel resection during my last surgery, I'm sure I will end up having a resection down the line though.

I will definately start a food diary,as it maybe something food wise irritating my stomach. I'm hopefully getting an apt with my dr mon-fingers crossed.

Thanks again it's so lovely to hear from people who understand, take care xx


Thanks Linds123 for your reply, it's reassured me,I'm not going mad lol! I have tried to not lift anything heavier than a shopping bag,but it's frustrating not doing much.

Many thanks again for your reply and I hope you recover soon too, take care xx


Hi Picasso49, my partner and I certainly felt like punching him! I have another appt in feb with my consultant who performed my op,so will hopefully get a better explanation. If not I will certainly ask to be referred to another Dr!

I'm sorry to hear that you had a full hysterectomy at 24, did that improve things for you?

Many thanks for your reply, I shall certainly take on board your comments. Take care xx


Do you have endo on your ureter? As it is possible for your kidneys not to function properly and kidney loss is silent I would ask for a blood test for kidney function as with your symptoms it sounds possible. Xxx

Good luck. Xx

What area do you live in? X


Hi Yazza, it is a possibility ,I guess but have not been told I have it on my ureter. Will certainly get bloods tested,as would hate to add kidney loss to my problems.

I live on the Isle of wight.

Many thanks for getting back to me, take care xx


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