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Night sweats

Well what can I say I went against everyone's advice apart from my gynae consultant and had the mirena coil fitted (for severe endometriosis) on the 19th December as well as having biopsies taken which was very painful (in no wuss) at the same time, as well as the coil I'm also taking northisterone 3 times a day to stop any bleeding and symptoms of the coil, I'm still bleeding but not as bad but that was never the problem in the first place it was always the pain I got which was really bad, im still getting pain but there's no pattern to it which sounds very strange but when I didn't have the coil I sort of new when my period was due and could be in pain at least 2 weeks before but I new that, at the min as well as the pain the sweats I'm having are horrendous especially through the night to the point im soaking my pj's and bed which means I'm not sleeping and I'm constantly tired, I no everyone is different and I have to give it 6months and its only been a few weeks but I was wondering if anybody else suffered the same.

Good or bad PLS let me no as it's driving me round the bend



X x

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I dont have the coil and don't think I will. I take norethisterone 3 times daily and I'm bad enough with that ie sweats and hormones. Ive previously had the implant and injection and they didn't agree with me hence no coil. I have been advised by gynae to have it but worry about doing because my biggest problems are pain and bleeding. Would you not suggest it? X


At this moment in time I'm lying in bed in agony and bleeding really heavy even though I'm in northisterone 3 times a day, I've only had it in a few weeks but somehow don't think ill last the 6 months as advised, with ne being like this at the minute I wouldn't advised having it


I bled all of the month of June and all of July w huge heavy clots, feeling dizzy and weak-aside from already being anemic! All while on a high estrogen birth control pill (continuously) and had an emergency d & c end of July to stop the bleeding AND I continued to bleed until I made them put in an IUD! I had Mirena put in on Dec 8, 2014 & it's been the best thing ever! I have been suffering from Endo stage 4 w 8cm infected chocolate cyst back in 2010. After the Mirena was put in I weaned off the BC & the HRT (Femara)...so far so good. Some spotting here & there but nothing to compare..


I'm going to have to give it at least 6 months, I think I've had one of the worst days today and I am feeling very sorry for myself because of that, but it's got to the point I dare not have my little 11month old niece incase I pass out cause I feel so dizzy, but there or people out there who are in worse situations than me so hopefully tomorrow is a different day x


Hi i had the marina in for nearly 6 months when they put in i had biopsy and dc . Before i had regular periods very pain full ànd very heavy . After i bleedand in paint every day i had the nostergine tablets forvmy holiday but ended up in hospital due to a cyct then ended up on 4 lots of tablets . After 3 months theyvput me on thr mini pill after a month that did not work so stoped then . Enough was enough then i had it removed i have now had hysterectomy . This was our desscion best one i made but i am 40 and we adopted our son 2 years ago .

i would go back it may not be in the correct possition which is why u are so heavy

hope u sort it soon x


I was originally on microgynon but suffered a dvt after knee surgery 4yrs ago, the microgynon was a god send it kept my endo symptoms at bay so I wasn't happy when I was told I wasn't allowed to have it anymore, it got to the point that when my period was due (or even 2wks before) I was vomiting or could pass out with the pain which of course ment time off work, I then tried the mini pill which didn't work I can't have the depo or implant, my first visit to the gynae cons where I saw the registar she informed me that I couldn't have the coil and could only have northisterone and basically I would have to deal with it, I eventually got to see the consultant as I requested a hysterectomy as could not put up with the pain anymore she informed me that unless I try the coil she wouldn't do that (confused yep so was I) so here I am so many weeks down the line, my pain is different but even more excruciating and I'm bleeding heavier than I did, I'm trying to get to 6 months just guna need a lot of determination at this rate, thank you for your reply x x


Hi there, I had Mirena but was bleeding heavy and told to take Microgynon with it. The pain was more than I could cope with and I have been told since that this was because I have an irregular shaped uterus. I couldn't stand straight. I know people without Endo though that love it!



Hello I have a mirena and take Norethisterone twice daily too and still have a light bleed/show monthly. I also have bad night sweats which wake me as im soaked. Told several doctors about this but they seem uninterested. I keep wondering if menopause us starting but blood tests say no. Sorry im not much help but thought you may feel better knowing youre not alone. Take care


I have a mirena at the moment whilst im waiting for a hysterectomy. Had it 4 months now, the sweats and hot flushes have got fewer than when I first had it but it has made me extremely bloated and my body seems to think its pregnant so I have lots of symptoms to deal with. I know it works for lots of people and I was hoping it would be the same for me but my body seems not to like it. I would have it removed if I wasn't waiting on a hysterectomy but it has done a bit to calm some of the pain so thought I might as well carry on till then! Have read so many good things about it though......just depends if your body likes it I think!


I have night sweats but I'm not menopausal as my GP checked my bloods. They sweats only started when my endo started to be a problem In 2014. I am due to have a Mirena fitted next week....but a bit wary. I would avoid Norethisterone as I had nothing by problems with it and bled more despite supposedly meant to help it. I eventually begged them to take me off it.


I had endo all my adult life (undiagnosed for a long time), and the mirena was a lifesaver for me. However, it took several months for it to settle down, and for the first 6 or so weeks I couldn't have told the general pain apart from any possible period times. At the point of having it fitted, I was having periods every 3 weeks, or more, and the whole process at the time of insertion would have messed any pattern up, so things would have been all over the place for a while.

Admittedly my endo was nowhere near as bad as most of the comments here describe, and most of my life it had been more or less controlled by being on the pill (never wanted children). But at 50, I'd been told to stop taking the pill 'cos of my age, and things were getting worse and worse each month: a lap and extensive ablation only easing things for about a year.

I don't know how much worse it could have become, as my oestrogen was still very high - for a 54 year old -when I had the coil. However, once the mirena (and my body) had settled down, my life was transformed!! As well as all period pains, general endo pains, etc, all disappearing, my worsening joint and muscle pains vanished - I was a new woman. That was 5 years ago, and now I'm dreading having this one removed in case my oestrogen is still high, and yet they won't give me another one.

I know the mirena is not for everyone, but it has only been a few weeks, yet, for you, so I would suggest you try to give it longer, if you can ... so long as you are being monitored.

NB you said about the pain, and of of the biopsies .. were you conscious? You have a right to have the mirena fitted in hospital and under anaesthetic. I didn't know this, and when my GP suggested I could only have it done at the local clinic, I saw a gynae privately, who then arranged for an NHS hospital fitting, under anaesthetic. I'm expecting an initial battle when it comes to having this one removed/changed.


Hi I had a mirena for eight months had it removed in December didn't really help had constant spotting constant pain really bad sciatica pains down both legs didn't have night sweats but was very moody emotional all the time since removal the pain is the same but the leg pains are slightly better I bled for a week when it was removed but not had a period yet I have had quite a few bad night sweats and evening flushes since removal though don't think mirena works for everyone with endo but I had one years ago for contraception and had no problems with it then I'm waiting for gynaecologist appointment to see what they gonna do next they did say laparoscopy


Hi Angel

I've been through what you're going through and it is horrendous.

I bought a pack of 2 pillows from dunelm for aboum £15 last year and i promise you i have not had 1 hot sweat in bed since!!! I my side of the bed is 3ft from radiator that comes on regularly.

The northisterone will work but i was also given buscapan for the pain and cramping so you could mention it to your gp, they are available over the counter, there are 2 lots, 1 being for ibs but the chemist checked them and the only difference is the three letters cost you more!!

I hope you get some ease soon, also mention the hot sweats to your gp, they may say take black cohosh or one of the other supplements, the only other thng i can suggest is to start taking soya products, milk and quorn etc they also help to boost your eostrogen levels.

I had to have a full hysterectomy due tto endo cancer tumor in womb, but was stange 1 and don't need any more treatment, but can't have hrt due to endo cancer, so i had to research natural eostrogen in foods and supplements to take instead.

Take care and angel blessings to all of you special angels going through this.


Hi I'm not sure about the mirena and hot flushes but I tried noristathone a few years ago and it gave me terrible hot flushes day and night and really bad mood swings and it did nothing for the pain or bleeding so I had to stop taking it. I hope things settle soon for you X


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