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2 days after period...?

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Hello, I'm new here :)

I'm looking to see if anyone has similar pain. My pain is very regular 2 days after bleeding stops and always in the same place (pain feels around 3cm big), bottom right abdomen. The pain is very strong dull ache which can last hours if I don't take pain killers. What's quite unusual is I don't always get the 'normal' period pain - maybe this pain has become so bad that normal period pain doesn't even register any more!? There's a very clear difference between this pain and period pain. I've been back and forth to docs over the years and all test results negative. Gynaecologist recently said it might be endo. I've only just started to connect pain to 2 days after bleeding after doing a diary for a few months. I'm not looking for medical advice - I'd just like to know if anyone has a similar pain pattern since a lot of sites talk about pain before and during period but not exactly 2 days after!?

Cheers x

P.S. Contraceptive history = 16 till around 28 years old I've tried most contraception; depo provera injection, the implant, couple of different pills, and now the NON-hormone copper coil. I'm 33.

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It sounds like the bleeding from the period (and therefore the bleeding endometriosis inside the abdominal cavity) causes pain in what seems to be the area where the the right ovary is. It could be endometriosis on the ovary (an endometrioma) or on the tube or in the area near them. I suggest you find a really good specialist

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Thanks for your quick response, I have a docs appointment on Monday so I'll ask for one then.

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StefaniaJW in reply to Achelois

I hope it's an excellent doctor

I have exactly this. I had a lap in Feb and was diagnosed with endo. Recently however 1-2 days after my period I have a horrendous pain in my right hand side it takes my breath away. Only lasts 10 mins and painkillers take it away but it is very painful. I saw my GP about it, are you on the pill? If so she recommended me take it 3 months back to back & see if pain goes away. I would say visit your doctor ASAP. Hope that helps x

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Achelois in reply to DEvangeline

Thank you for your message sorry to hear your having pain too. After reading other's stories, I count myself 'lucky' I know when its coming and roughly how long; I have the NON-hormone copper coil (around 5 years ago) as I didn't want to put hormones into my body but I'm coming round to the idea that it might be better for me now since I don't really remember having pains like this before it. Let's keep each other updated on if the pill settles things down and I'll come back to the thread once I've seen a specialist to keep research going. All the best x

I had pain after my period. No pain before a little pain during the period and then wham severe pain a few days after the period finished. It was diagnosed as endometriosis. I really had to fight to get one of the gps to perform tests.

Thanks for this. How do you manage your pain now that you know? Any experience on hormones?

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logit in reply to Achelois

I took 30mg cocodamol which worked to make the pain bearable and used a heat pad. I found I had to lie flat as sitting up increased the pain. Sometimes I found going for a gentle walk helped as well when I classes the pain as just a niggle. I also used a theraplate which private physios use. That really helped.

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Achelois in reply to logit

Ok thank you, that’s interesting about the theta plate.

I have this pain too after my period. Maybe a similar location to yours. Although mine is always on the right side, deep inside where the hip bone is, relief from painkillers, a slight temporary relief from massaging the area, ice and heat. I also get shooting pains down the right thigh up to the knee. I rarely have painful period cramps. This right sided pain is much worse. Had a lap a year ago after suspect ed endo but came back negative. Ever since the lap the right sided pain is not AS bad, but bad enough to disrupt sleep and activity.

I also started experiencing this pain 18months after having a copper IUD, not sure if they are linked, medical professionals don't seem to think so.

Hope you get some progress and more investigations Xx

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Achelois in reply to Sunsetsss

How are you getting on with your pain investigations?

Thanks but I’m really intrigued to know what the pain is if it’s not Endo. One doctor told me my pain could be bowl spasms, another one said it could be where the egg is releasing and hurts breaking through but this was before I connected it to a few days after bleeding. Does your pain relate to time, period, food or stress? Keep me updated if you find out what it is please x


Based on info on here and doctors opinion, I tried 3 months back to back on the pill and it took the regular isolated pain away. I had to put up with a bit of nausea and headaches and basically 3 months of spotting and zero sex drive BUT no pain. I'm now considering to swap out my non-hormornal coil with the hormone one to relieve some pain or keep the non-hormone one and turn to alternative therapies such as Acupuncture. However I'm not convinced pumping women with additional hormones for most of their lives is the right answer for pain or contraception but I'm no doctor. Will do another update after my gyno appointment and after choosing one of the above options will let you know how I get on in a few months ...


I went back to have the non-coil replaced with the Hormone-coil as I thought this would help with the pain BUT there was a bit of difficulty taking the old one out; It was pretty uncomfortable so I just decided not to have the other one put in until a later date. My docs is pretty poor, I had to chase them for a new appointment and the letters to confirm appointments and still nothing etc so as time went on I just thought I'd go WITHOUT the coil/contraception for a bit as an additional experiment... NO PAIN SINCE! My partner can't believe the change, so much so that he offered to have vasectomy! We just use condoms now but I'm so much happier. So maybe it wasn't endo all along but a reaction to the coil? I don't know what my plans will be long term for contraception, for now I'll just enjoy no pain. I could have signed up for an operation to check if I had endo but I'm glad I didn't now.

If the pain comes back I'll let you know but I'm currently 3 month pain free :)

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