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First day after Lap!!(TMI post-Sorry)



I'm one day after my first lap and I'm in agony (Also had coil fitted)..I expected pain but the gas pain is awful, I've tried everything to help but nothing has just yet..Also I'm getting alot of pelvic/Period type pain..I'm bleeding but not alot..Also loseing some weird looking Discharge (Sorry for the TMI) I knew I was going to be in some pain..I didn't expect to wake up and start jogging around but I really wasn't thinking the gas pain would be that bad..Boy I was wrong! I've tried every strong pain killer but so far nothing has touched it..Might need to ring doc and get something strong to help me through this.

Sorry for the rant but just wanted to know if it was normal to be in that much pain the day after and loseing the weird looking stuff!? :-)

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I’ve had 4 laps and found that the gas is the worst bit. Keep pottering about and drink lots of peppermint tea! Bleeding and discharge are normal too but if it gets heavy or has an odour or you have a temperature or are in too much pain, call the ward that you were discharged from xxx

Thank you for replying..x

Try some warm peppermint cordial and ibuprofen, honestly the gas was so bad I was up all night crying but as soon as I started farting it out I felt so much better! My sister said they give it after C sections to help too, and it worked a treat! Hope you feel better soon x


I feel your pain! I had been warned about the gas pain but like you said, I never imagined it would be so bad! I was in tears in agony, and I consider that I have quite a high pain threshold! I also recommend peppermint tea, I couldn't stand the taste at first, but added a bit of honey to make it more tolerable and it really does seem to work. Hope you feel better soon!

Herbal peppermint tablets works a treat for gas pain, im a surgical nurse who gives this after a laparoscopy and I’ve had a lap myself and it worked really well! You can get them in any supermarket or chemist

Thank you..I'll give it ago..I've got the peppermint tea so I'll keep trying it but I might also give the tablets ago x

I had a lap/endo excision last Friday and the gas was by far the worst part of recovery. The pain is crippling.

I found standing in a shower with the hot water running on my shoulders took the pain away instantly. So did heatpacking my shoulders.

The first 24hrs is the worst, mine did hang around for longer but not as intense.

Hope you feel better soon xxx

Thank you for replying..I'll give it ago..I'll try anything to stop this pain! 48hrs now and I'm taking co-codemol ×2 every 4 hours which helps a little but not completely xx

Hang in there xx

Lots of heat on shoulders lovely, it will go soon

Drink peppermint tea to relieve the gas . And keep lifting and stretching your hands above your head in the air. It helps shift the build up of gas. This worked for me.

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Oh! Didn't even think about that..I'll give it a try thank you..xx

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Yes gentle arm stretches above the head definitely helped me with bad trapped gas behind ribs and shoulders. I also got my bf to gentle massage my shoulders too. It went after 4 days. x

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Brilliant..Thank you..I'll be getting my boyfriend to help lol xx

I really feel for you! I’m 2 weeks post lap and pretty much back to normal so hang in there.

The best thing I found for the gas pain was colpermin - get it from boots or wherever. It’s a peppermint oil tablet but it honestly really worked. Take 2, 3 times a day.

Also, stretching your arms above your head works really well too! Xxx

Thank you..I'll get them and give them ago as I don't really want to be living on pain killers..Especially the high ones..thanx for the tips x

I had really bad

Shoulder tip, lasted

About 48 hours , pepper mint tea and hot compress really helped and trying not to move around too much.

Hi, I had my op 4 weeks ago tomorrow. I was dreading the gas. I had a shoulder pain for a couple of days but nothing to the level you are having. I had an ovary, both Fallopian tubes and an apple sized dermoid cyst removed. The belly button incision to me was the most uncomfortable. Two and a half weeks later I was back at the gym.

Omg..that's amazing! I'm glad you felt better that quickly..hopefully it will pass and I'll be like you lol x

I’m booked in for one but will be getting some sort of peppermint tablets as I suffered really badly with gas pain after a csection then after an emergency lap for a ruptured ectopic. The nurses gave me a peppermint liquid after the csection which was amazing. I actually woke myself up in the night with a massive fart and felt so much better. But yes the pain can be awful and I’m really not looking forward to it.

I had a lap 7 years ago and had no issues... had one 2 weeks ago and the gas was horrendous! It went into my shoulder and was just awful for over 2 days. I moved around as much as I could and drank peppermint tea and it eventually left. I also had some really gross discharge but nothing that wasn't normal. People poking around in your insides is bound to upset your body! I've also had some chest pains, due to something happening to my lung, but the Dr said this would clear. If you feel like you can't breathe properl or develop a fever, definitely head to the GP xx

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