Have Endo and felt pain and possible bleeding after sex?

I am fairly new to this site and as bad as it sounds, I'm glad to find a community that understands Endo. I have suffered Endo for a nearly 10 years but I'm getting new symptoms or ones I haven't noticed before and wondering if anyone has the same. Last few times my Bf and I have been intimate I've found traces of pinky red along with being in pain. I don't want to disrupt our intimacy because of the pain, and not sure he really understands what this is but has anyone else had bleeding or similar issues after sex? Is there a chance of light bleeding just for having sex? Just to clarify I haven't been on my period when this happens either. Would appreciate any help. Thank you.

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  • Hi,

    I bleed a little for a couple of hours too after sex, the pains are horrible and I don't tell my hubby because sometimes he can be thoughtless and says something in the heat of the moment and makes me feel bad because I can't have sex due to Endo pains.


  • I'm sorry to hear that, do you guys talk about it? Mind if I ask what he's said in the moment? I find it hard to address the problem with hubby because he just kind of brushes it off as if there's nothing he can do so why dwell but really doesn't help, but stuck between suffering and ruining our sex life. Are you awaiting surgery or seeking advice at the moment?


  • Hi, he just blames me for ruining the marriage. Sometimes he can be understanding but when he wants sex it's a whole different story, I just pretend that I'm alright for sex to avoid arguments and the stress, I can't handle being so stressed up as it causes my pains to get worse.

    I'm seeing my consultant this week Friday in the afternoon, I have a very strong feeling that I do need another operation, the question is when it will happen.

    Hope you're pains aren't too bad today.


  • Hiya, I have the same too. I always feel bad because I don't give it to my partner. However he always says no because it will hurt. But the other day I did start bleeding after sex and the pain was very bad after. I don't know what it could be either.

  • Hi, I know for a fact that we are not supposed to bleed after sex. So please keep an eye on the bleeding. If the bleeding becomes heavy then please go see your GP and let him/her know, as they can rule out cancer.

    I'm always informing my GP every time I see him about my bleeding. Sometimes it could be an infection, or like me it's the cause of endo and adhesions inside the bladder which needs to be removed.


  • Thanks so much Sweety and Robync100. Really appreciate the help. I'm seeing a specialist on Wednesday and will inform him of the bleeding and other symptoms I've been having. Also been under a lot of stress lately which probably hasn't helped and feeling nauseous/anxious a lot of the the time so probably all just piling up. Thanks again for the help and hope your appointment goes well and can get surgery soon.

    Mandy x

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