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Irregular Period?

Hello sorry if this is graphic or to long but i need some answers or suggestions for about about 7 years now I've been having a irregular period. The reason is when I was younger about 13 I started it was fine at first and then my periods got aweful and heavy like heavy heavy and I felt sore well you know where and after a bit the cramps turned into the most awful pain I've ever had it would be so bad I'd have to go home from school cause I'd be in to much pain and throwing up every 5 min I had to go home take medicine and sleep until the pain was gone. Well I finally went to see a doctor and they decided to put me on the deposit and pill at the same time for a bit to try and stop my periods. After a bit they just gave me the depo. The depo started making me bleed non stop I bleed for almost a year straight (I did have the rare days when it slowed and almost stopped) . well got off the depo and onto the pills I did fine for a while I still had an irregular period that came with me always discharging when I wasn't on it . Recently I've tried the arm implant to see if it would correct my period no luck. Now I bleed almost everyday I slow down to were I'm bleeding brown for a few days/weeks then I start actually bleeding. I'm writing cause I want to see if anyone may know what's going on is it something with my uterus, overlies,? Or my stomach ulcer i just describe recently? Ik its not a sexualy transmitted disease cause ive been doing this since i was in 8th grade and im only 19. I keep telling my doctor over and over I'm constantly bleeding non stop she's tried a DNC and hormone pills but I'd go write back to bleeding. I was fine they said that my body just fine bleeding all the time but it just sucks.... That's basically it. I'm debating on getting off of birth control for a bit and see how my body reacts but I'm not sure if I'll start throwing up and being in awful pains cause I literally can't do anything but suffer.. I don't know what to do my doctor is but isnt trying to help me and I'm tired of bleeding ... Thank you to however can help explain why I may be having these awful irregular periods I'm really worried something may be wrong.

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Try a different pill and see how that goes I use to be on pill years ago till they stopped makin the ones I take.... Painkillers was shite, now take manefedi acid that controls the pain


Have you thought about getting an IUD? X


Hey, bless you having to put up with this! I had similar issues through my teens and all you can do is keep coming back to your doctor and trying whatever you can to keep it under control. This also helps to document everything you've tried and to keep track of your problems over time. You could insist on a gynae referral, after all pills and hormone treatment only deal with the symptoms and not the actual cause. Take care and don't give up xxx


Hi, I had very similar teenage years trying all of the contraceptive methods under the sun. When I came off them the pain returned each month, also super irregular. I eventually got a referral to a gyne which immediately suspected endo. My advice would be to persist with your GP for a referral, take someone with you for backup if you're shy like me. It's not normal for you to put up with this. Good luck x

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Try arnica pellets sublingually stops bleeding


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