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Anyone bleed from belly button during period? Umbilical endometriosis?


Really strange and it's never happened before but I'm on my period and my belly button is bleeding? No smell or signs of infection and it was almost a year ago I had my last lap so can't be anything to do with the scar.

I googled to see what the symptoms of an infection was and came across "umbilical endometriosis" which is endo of the belly button - who knew that was a thing?

Anyway gonna speak to my doctor about it but just curious if anyone has experienced this?

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Yes, this happened to me, it was very frightening at the time and scabs formed. The good news was that it eventually cleared up, but took several weeks.

C765 in reply to Purple500

Did it just clear on its own? It's so random. I saw the doctor today and she said after a lap in rare cases endo can grow on the scar tissue from the belly button scar.

Purple500 in reply to C765

Yes, it did, but you might need to get some ointment from a chemist. I just used a saline solution and it worked better than any of the topical creams.

Hi, I’m just finishing my period and I noticed Iv got dried blood inside my belly button. There’s no other outward symptoms apart from very mild tenderness when pressed (this was a bit more tender about two months ago). The first time I noticed it I had done ab crunches that day, this is the third time Iv noticed it and now I’m trying to think back to remember if the other two times were during my period as well. I should be going for my first diagnostic laparoscopy in April so I’ll have another period before then and if blood appears in my belly button during my next period I’ll be marching back to my doctors who last month dismissed the blood as an infection. I, like yourself had never heard of such a thing as umbilical endometriosis so I wish you luck at your doctors and I’ll fill you in how I get on in the next month!

C765 in reply to Nightingale89

It's just really strange isn't it! It's weird for a belly button to just randomly bleed. And i dont understand how i would have randomly got an infection in it. My doctor gave me antibiotic cream to use just in case it was an infection and said to keep an eye on it every period now. It stopped bleeding when my period stopped and it still hurts outside of my period. Be interesting for both of us if it happens again :/

Good luck with your lap xxxxx

Nightingale89 in reply to C765

Hi again🙂 hows your belly button?

I’m 4 days into my period and this morning I actually noticed blood seeping out of mine😱 but I cleaned it up and it doesn’t seem to be leaking anymore (apologies for the lovely imagery).

It’s just the weirdest thing isn’t it? Mine becomes tender when I start and now it’s less so, like it’s released but I’m still watching and waiting.

I’m now convinced I have endo and am starting to worry what there going to find when I have my Laparoscopy😨

Anyway, just curious if yours did the same again xxx

C765 in reply to Nightingale89

Hey, I've not had a proper period since the bleed but my doctor said to monitor it and see if it happens again at all. Since then tho my belly button has sharp pains, never had anything like that before.

Let me know if it still happens for you tho, it's very weird isn't it.

Nightingale89 in reply to C765

Hi again

I’m 4 days post lap now. I had a mass removed from my bellybutton that they suspect is endo but are waiting results from the lab to confirm. I was very surprised to be told post surgery that I have stage 4 endo. I hope if your still experiencing the belly button bleeding that your on your way to having it resolved! x


This is how my endometriosis was diagnosed. I was having umbilical bleeding during my period. Apparently the endo attaches to scar tissue. I had it removed last year but came back 5 months later. It makes me feel gross....i am a nurse so use hydrofibre packing in my bellybutton when it starts bleeding 🤢 xx

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