First Laparoscopy Surgery!

There was a cancellation so I am now booked in to have my Laparoscopy surgery on Tuesday! I am so nervous because I don't know what to expect at all. Anybody had this surgery before? 

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  • I had a lap in October, the anesthesia took about 24 hrs but once it did ware off I felt really well, was able to do a lot more stuff than I thought, the pain was minimal and I didn't use any pain relief until my period more than a week in to recovery. The thing I struggled with was not having a bath for 2 days as we don't have a shower :( apart from that I got a slight rash from the iodine but it came and went without incident xx

  • Sounds like the op was successful. Was that your first lap or one of many? 

  • It was my first, I need more substantial surgery but the lap was diagnostic to collect information and to deroof 2 large Endometriomas that encased the ovary and tube on each side xx

    *I already have more Endometriomas xx

  • Well I have been having symptoms of endometriosis for several months now. I had an Mri scan beginning of December which identified a 5cm cyst on my left ovary. When I had an ultrasound  a few weeks ago the cyst on my ovary had gone but I am still having severe stomach pains. I dread my period each month because I know I'll be in more agony than normal. I'm having the surgery to rule out endometriosis and so my gyne can have a look around to see if anything unusual is going on in my body. 

  • None of my cysts were in the same place twice they travel and come and go through ur cycle. My diagnosis is stage 4 rectrovaginal deep infiltrated Endometriosis my uterus is clear of endo but its a breeding ground for cysts, the pouch of Douglas is fully obliterated I have organ binding, nodules on IN the rectum, there's too much to list xx

  • I had my laparoscopy last Wednesday and boy, I never prepared for pain like this - I was on paracetamol, diclofenac and dihydrocodeine. Couldn't move or walk properly until 2 days ago - I had stage 2 endo, not very drastic but still I hope I wont have laparoscopy again! 

    Be prepared that it is an emotionally experience. Everybody is different. Some have a high pain threshold (I thought I had, I had 2 children but I'd rather give birth than have a lap lol). 

    Have some things ready at home - e.g. make some meals, have them in the freezer, clean the house, you won't be able to lift heavy things or bend (I couldn't put my socks on afterwards). Stock up on pain relief. You will be bloated and tender around your tummy, peppermint tea helps that. 

    I assume you will be under general anaesthetic? 

  • Yes I will be under anaesthic for the surgery. Thank god. I have people around who can help with things which is good. I'm just tired of feeling on a high one minute and rough as chips the next. 

  • Good you have someone to look after you - have Laxido, lots of fruit and veg in the house as codeine might make you constipated (if they send you home with one). You will be sleepy afterwards and your shoulder might be sore after they pump you with gas. Listen to your body and take it easy! Good luck!

  • I used wind-eze and they were amazing the gas only took a couple of days to clear, I farted like a trooper though so I took them before sleep for about a week in total xx

  • Mine was ok. Only pain after was the trapped gas they pump you full off which i felt all in my shoulder. I could feel the gas moving around which was very weird. It's quite normal apparently to feel it in your shoulder. 

  • I had one on Monday to remove mild endo and I feel better than I thought I would by now. I was sick from the morphine which was the worse bit, but the pain from the stitches hasn't been too bad as long as I take paracetamol / ibuprofen.  The tiredness afterwards was tough but just set yourself up in bed with everything you need and sleep it off. I'm still quite bloated and the gas pain is still circulating but it is slowly getting better.

    Everyone is different but I've found as long as I don't do too much and take painkillers at the right time I am feeling good. Also, you may get constipated from the meds, so keep some fruit and veg in the house! 

  • I had my first laparoscopy in the end of December, just before Xmas.. Make sure that you have someone to look after you for at least 3 days after the surgery, you won't be able to move around much, I had codein and paracetamol for pain but only took these for the first two or three days as my tummy wasn't hurting that much surprisingly. What really did hurt though was the pain on my chest from the gas they pumped your tummy with, that was the worst part of it for me, I was drinking loads of mint tea to help with that. I'm left with 4 lil scars on my tummy. Please don't worry you will be fine, the surgery is not so bad, I think the waiting for it is much worse, hope you'll get your answers after your surgery, good luck. 

  • I had my lap almost 3 years ago now.

    For me I was in a lot less pain when I came round then I had been before, and only had paracetamol and a low dose of codeine.

    I was very bloated and would recommend taking clothes with enough space to accommodate an expanded belly! I also had shoulder pain and had peppermint sweets and tea to combat that (took a while though).

    I think the worst thing was feeling even more tired than usual for a few days - I slept a lot but woke up as painkillers wore off as I was so sore (I have stage 4).

    I would recommend taking a cushion for the car to put between your belly and the seatbelt.

    P.s I have 3 tiny scars which are almost unnoticeable now.

  • I imagine the scars fade in time? 

  • Yes - they are tiny but were a bit red and more obvious at first. It didn't take too long for them to fade though. :)

  • I don't think I'm as worried. Easter weekend and then my op so trying to keep busy X 

  • I had a lap to diagnose endo and they found it but due to the location they didn't remove any. I was a bit sleepy afterwards but was out of hospital within 4 hrs after op. I had a week off work and during this time took it easy but was able to walk around the house quite pain free. I did take ibrupforen and cocodamol for the first few days but it really was not that bad. 3 little incisions which healed quickly. They did say the stitches were dissolvable but they didn't I took out two lots but went to see the nurse to take the belly button ones out which again was painless. Good luck

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