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Lap date - 31st December

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So I’ve been give a cancellation operation on the 31st December, I don’t even care that it’s New Year’s Eve im just so desperate to feel better! This will be my third lap in less than 14 months. I’m so scared this won’t work and I’ll be left in this much pain again. I’m having peritoneal excision surgery not just the general ablation/excision surgery so 🤞🏻 this is it and it’s third time lucky.

Has anyone on here had peritoneal excision? And how long did it take to recover? I’m worried as it’s a more serious operation and is likely to take longer to recover. I just want to have a realistic idea of how long it will take to feel the benefits of the surgery

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I had peritoneal excision on my right side just over 3 wks ago. I was totally unprepared for the pain of this. I had a previous diagnostic lap (that diagnosed nothing) 8 years ago and went back to work in 2 weeks. This time I found it hard to get comfortable in bed (basically have to stay flat on my back to sleep- sometimes with a pillow under my knees to ease my back). I also had bruising on my outside. I found moving around tough. Basically since your peritoneal wall wraps round everything you can't really move without using it. My GP has signed me off for 4 weeks so far with the option of longer but I'd only be back to work for 4 days before I'm on leave for several wks so I'm sure ill manage that. The pain is improving but it was really bad post surgery. Be sure to take something to keep your bowels moving because going to the loo after hurts!! I struggled to do anything the first 2 wks but now I'm managing basic day to day stuff just not lifting or crouching down. I think it'll be a few months to feel the benefits of surgery from what I've read on here.

Hope that answers some of your questions.

All the best with your opp. Lets hope we both get less pain in 2019!

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Thank you so much for your reply it is really helpful! I haven’t been able to speak to anyone who has had this surgery so your reply is really helpful to let me know what to expect. I’ve had the general ablation/excision surgery but this didn’t improve my pain or symptoms so I’m having this surgery! I knew it would be worse but I just didn’t really know what to expect so thank you!! I hope you recover well and I hope your surgery has helped you. Yes 🤞🏻 good luck xxx

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