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NHS lap date when?!?!

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My last zolodex is due the end of April but still no operation date?! Tried to ring and they just said on the waiting list I keep trying to ring but can’t get through to the specialist as yet..

My specialist is xxxx. My last lap was at xxxx you see so it’s frustrating waiting and not knowing when it’s happening.. how long usually after the last injection Is the lap?

My nurse even mentioned about having more injections if I’m waiting but I thought you could only have 6?

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The wait on the NHS can be up to 6 months, depends on how busy your hospital is. You can have more than 6 but it's recommended for only 6 as it can cause bone loss. I can only say is to keep ringing them.

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cmbxm in reply to Lovisa

Ask to be put on a cancellations list and state how much notice you require, this might help you out x

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Kate345 in reply to Lovisa

I’m more worried about notice etc.. my last injection is around 20th -22nd April

How much notice is usually on the letter?

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Lovisa in reply to Kate345

Usually it's a few weeks notice, but if you ring and get through and ask to be put on the cancellation list sometimes you get 24hr notice. But it is best to get hold of your consultant.

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Kate345 in reply to Lovisa

Just hate not knowing :(

Can it sometimes be a longer wait too.. got my best friends wedding coming up!

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Kate345 in reply to Lovisa

My fear is then leaving it after my last injection then won’t all the hard work been undone?

Hi .... I just had lap surgery 10 days ago and ment to start on the 6 month zoladex injection.... when I read about the zoladex it mentioned a lot of side effects ...very worrying.... what was your experience like ... any side effects?

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Kate345 in reply to Annoot

I don’t have any major side effects. I’m on HRT too to counter balance everything

Omgs!! The NHS list can you a joke I was on the list for nearly 9 months so I kept calling and ended up complaining n got put on the cancellation list n I was given my opp a few days later keep calling don’t give up.

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princessk09 in reply to sandy112

Hey, I’m waiting for a lap and was wondering when do you get the letter for the date of the surgery and pre op assessment etc?

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sandy112 in reply to princessk09

Umm because mine was a cancellation so I only got a week notice but normally I think it’s 6-8 weeks notice.

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Kate345 in reply to sandy112

That’s interesting my last injection. Is end of April.. I’ll try and delay it is the wait for the operation will be 8 weeks!!!!

I was listed last week for lap, got my date this week for 8 weeks time. Have a look at the national waiting times hospitals should be aiming for, if you quote that to them it might help?

I know it’s a certain time or they get in trouble and it affects their statistics.

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Fabbird in reply to Wonder-Betty

The national waiting time target is 18 weeks, but it’s been acknowledged that the NHS can’t meet the target at the moment and all the penalties have been dropped. So whilst you are quite right that the target exists, sadly it doesn’t mean much at the moment.

I believe that the national average wait is currently 23 weeks, but it does vary greatly by place and specialty.

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Wonder-Betty in reply to Fabbird

I work within a nhs trust, and although we can’t guarntee it, we’re still aiming to meet our targets. We’ve had patients booked in extra to meet the targets if they’ve been previously cancelled. Just thought it’s worth a try.

Hi, I'm waiting for the same specialist and am afraid I may bear bad news. I've been waiting since September last year - I saw her privately and got put on NHS list. The ward has been closed since January and reopens in April, so the patients who were scheduled for those months will be rescheduled and then the rest of us will get appointments. I've been ringing waiting lists frequently as my quality of life is poor from pain and their hands are totally tied - they told me that it could be at least another 6 months! I've been back to my GP to transfer out of area but the nearest specialist to me then is Manchester and his waiting list is 8 weeks just for consultation then 9 months minimum for surgery! It's making me pull my hair out I'm desperate for help but just cannot get it on the NHS. Again sorry to bring bad news but as you're on the zoladex you may be urgent as you're not meant to take it more than six months, I refused it when I realised how long my wait could be and just take my contraceptive pill constantly. Sending love x x

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peachsapphire in reply to

Hi there would you be happy to tell me which specialist this is please via private message? I’ve been waiting since start of Jan for lap date and he said it’d be 1-3 months before I have surgery... I don’t even have a date yet and it’s April I just wanna know if it’s the same consultant. Thanks

I just got my date through! 19th April

in reply to Kate345

Oh I hope I get mine soon, perhaps I will with it being since September! X

in reply to peachsapphire

Mines a female so don't think it's same one x

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Kate345 in reply to

I had a female for my one via priviate

Ive been waiting since Aug and o 3rd date as 1st 2 got cancelled. So i wouldnt get your hopes up but also not all areas as bad as mine.

I’ve been on the waiting list since my last lap... October my specialist said 6 injections then the laparoscopy after it.. but surely if the wait is long after the injections all the hard work is undone? Kinda confused. Or does zolodex stay in your system longer? Has anyone had the injections then a lap afterwards how long was your wait?

Hi Kate,

I had the exact same problem, I was told in August that my surgery date would be December and then it got delayed because of one thing or another and I ended up having it at the beginning of this month.. and I had 7 Zoladex injections in total.. I am now back on them whilst I lose the weight for IVF xx

My operation got cancelled on the day in December. On waiting list if I am lucky it will be done in may. Having my 12th Zoladex injection end of April. Lucky for me apart from gaining weight the Zoladex has not given me any problems.

They’ve said mid may but no date as yet....

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