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Given lap date & freaking out!

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So I have been incredibly lucky and been given a cancellation slot for my lap, and it’s in 2 weeks!

I’m freaking out so much, I have a lot to do at work before then, but I wanted to know if there is anything I can be doing to prepare myself/ any bits I should get in for recovery?

I have fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue so expecting it might take me a little longer to feel normal again!

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Hey! That's such great news. The night before I was nervous and had mine done yesterday. I would ring up and ask recommended recovery time. I've taken a week and a bit. Had my surgery yesterday and came back same night.

Id recommend you take multivitamins, eat healthy and help your body recover this way given your existing conditions

Easy to drink liquid (straws, bottles) it's hard to bend and twist, lots of different foods as my appetite wasnt great. Also I slept with a pregnancy pillow when on my side to alleviate the pain.

Hope this helps x

Thank you so much, that’s so helpful! I hope you are recovering well!

Great news. Try not to worry. I’mNot sure of your living arrangements but I “prepped” beforehand to make my life easier to ensure I had little to do in the first week after. Things like making and freezing a couple meals and getting comfy loose clothes/pjs all ready to hand so I wouldn’t be having to struggle to get things from bottom drawers etc. I bought things like plain yogurt and soup in case I felt a bit meh and didn’t feel like eating much. In reality you could feel absolutely fine after 2 days or it could be a few weeks before you feel 100%. Use that time afterwards to rest and relax (sounds like you need it) I know it is difficult when you have a busy job but beforehand try not to commit to answering emails, taking the odd call etc (sorry this may not exactly apply to your job but substitute for whatever does!) focus on resting and not worrying about getting back to work. Work can wait and your health comes first. On another note, the first time I had an op I was freaked out by pain in my ribs and shoulders. You can get it from the gas they put into your stomach and I had no idea. Best thing to do is to walk/move around gently to get rid of it. Best wishes for your op.

Thank you so much for your kind response, I really appreciate it! Im going to stock up this weekend on loose clothes and simple food! And that’s great advice regarding work, I definitely need to remember that when the time comes!

I know it’s difficult I’ve been there myself, I eventually had to take a period of unpaid leave and was then made redundant. I enjoyed my job and worked hard because I wanted to but in hindsight I should have made more time for myself. Good luck with your op and take care. x

Wow you sound like me ...I too have fibro & cfs along with a few others, also have been given a cancellation yesterday and I get mine done next week...6th October I'm doing what jules has said and being prepared as u know we take longer to get through things, I'm thinking any little hobbies I like doing while sitting when I start to feel a little better....I'm going to do my usual fibro flare things ...baths,snuggle clothes, relaxation,good food and trying to move around. I like the idea of the pregnancy pillow think I might try to create something all ready ....Best of luck to you ...remember we are warriors my fellow fibromite ❤

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DalmatianGirl in reply to Jaye75

Hello! Wow that is crazy, mines the 6th too! Yes we definitely have to take more care of ourselves don’t we! Thank you so much, I hope your lap goes well & your recovery is smooth! 💓

Even more crazy it's the same date I'm having mine done at RVI Newcastle so I know I'm in good hands I'm excited as it's been a 10 month wait and luckily a cancellation came along but also nervous as to what they will find, but we need to do this to get at least 1 of our pains hopefully put at ease 🙂

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Wishing you all the very best with your laparoscopy! You might want to take a look at some information we have on our website about what to take to the hospital and how you might feel afterwards. You can find it at

Good luck!

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Jaye75 in reply to Dee_EndoUK

Thank you I will have a look 😊

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